Instagram made me do it: Sunday lunch at Dante Kitchen and Bar

Okay I admit it: I am a sucker for Instagram recommendations. Especially when they are about beer, cocktails or food near me.

And Dante Kitchen and Bar has been all over my Insta feed of late. Mostly because of its Sunday brunch adverts – pizza, pasta, topped bruschetta, cocktails and beers. Suffice to say that it wasn’t difficult to convince me to book a table.

And let me tell you: their Insta game is strong… but the experience itself is stronger.

What I knew about Dante before I went

Obviously I had to do some sleuthing before I booked my Sunday lunch at Dante’s. On their website, they say they’re known as a favourite hangout of Holland’s greatest rock star, the late Herman Brood, they made the most wonderful Italian and American dishes and they stock 900 bottles of special spirits behind the bar.

Pretty big claims, but OK – I’ll bite – and on I went to reserve a table… something they strongly recommend to do.

First impressions

Honestly, it was the claim of 900 bottles that impressed me the most, and even though I didn’t count them all, I can just about believe it to be true. The first thing you notice when you come in the enormous bar backed by floor-to-ceiling bottles. It’s the feature element of this space and it really is impressive.

The next thing you notice is the interesting art pieces on the wall. For the record, I’m also a sucker for supporting independent artists and Dante’s display art from Wilfert Verweij – and it’s challenging and beautiful.

Eat, drink and be merry

So let’s get to the most important thing: the menu. In Dante you can get stuck in bruschetta of all kinds, sandwiches galore, or salads if you’re that way inclined. They’ve got rump steak, burgers, pasta in all its glory and of course: pizza.

And let me tell you, the pizza is out of this world. I am somewhat of a pizza base connoisseur, and Dante does it just right. It’s rustic and crispy and delicious. And they definitely do not skimp on the toppings! I wolfed down the Crudo (with mozzarella, serrano ham, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and arugula) and Tom did his best with the Diavola (with spianata piccante, mozzarella, onions, olives and spicy oil) – both big enough to share but we came in hungry and greedy.

And the cocktail menu then – they boast 10 signature cocktails and 15 classics – but I dare to guess that with those 900 bottles on the wall they could probably create anything you asked for. For me, it’s not a Sunday lunch without a Bloody Mary (spicy as you like) so that’s exactly what I got, and Tom, the tea loving Englishman couldn’t resist the Oui-oui Mon Cheri, a gin-based cocktail with italicus and a dash of jasmine tea syrup and fresh lime. Both were absolutely delicious, and got us well and truly merry.

What’s the verdict?

Instagram made me do it but I gotta be honest, the algorithm did me a solid this time. Dante is definitely going to be one of the haunts I will return to – and often! The people are friendly, the food is delicious, the cocktails are on point, I honestly can’t recommend it enough.  

You can find Dante Kitchen and Bar on Spuistraat 320 – so head on over there post haste!

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