My favourite museum in Amsterdam 

Let’s get straight into it. I am not into art museums, but I’m into STRAAT Museum. I love everything about it. I love the concept, I love the location, I even love traveling there. I’m a fan. 

That’s a bold statement, I know. So let me explain why. 

Graffiti and street art speaks to me in a way classic art pieces never have. They describe the world I live in right now; they shock me, they surprise me and they make me feel things. And they’re what STRAAT Museum is filled to the brim with.  

The easiest way to get to STRAAT Museum is hopping to the ferry to the NDSM from Amsterdam Centraal. It’s free, takes around 10 minutes and you get to admire the shore side of Amsterdam.  

NDSM itself is a cool destination. A former shipyard in Amsterdam Noord, the NDSM Wharf has left its industrial past behind and blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot with a vibrant artist community and hip bars and restaurants. Throughout the year, the area also hosts multi-disciplinary festivals, performances, exhibitions, not to mention the odd rave. 

So it’s the perfect setting for a museum dedicated to graffiti and street art. 

STRAAT showcases more than 150 artworks by 130+ artists, and the works on display frequently rotate, with new pieces constantly added to the collection. If you play your cards right, you can even catch the artists painting live at STRAAT. 

The pieces tell a story, comment, critique or sometimes even find beauty in the world we live in. STRAAT works had to attract and commission a diverse group of artists, showcasing some of the biggest names and upcoming talent from all over the world. My favourite artist in the museum has to be Oxalien – but I won’t spoil their works for you… You just gotta head over there and see for yourself.  

And, as a side note, it doesn’t hurt they have a café with some fantastic snacks and top wines and local beers on draft.  

But don’t take it just from me: STRAAT was voted Best Museum the Netherlands 2021 at the Tiqets Remarkable Venue Awards.  

Will you head over to STRAAT Museum? Be sure to give them some online love as well! 

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