Fondue and Fondue – cheesy dreams are made of these

Cheese lovers, you’re in luck: this restaurant does exactly what the name suggests, and it does it well.

Just a hop and a skip away from the famous Vondelpark, Fondue & Fondue is a contemporary, family-run, independent restaurant that has been making cheesy dreams come true for over 13 years.

It’s been on my list to visit for a very long time. I have no real reason why I never did (unless you count being distracted by the craft beer bar next door as one) but when the opportunity finally came knocking, I grabbed it with both hands and found myself sitting in this cosy restaurant grasping the menu for dear life.

I absolutely love cheese and if you don’t, I don’t think we can be friends. Or at least, I wouldn’t take you to this fine establishment. I’m not saying their menu is limited, but if you’re going to a place named Fondue and Fondue expecting a steak dinner, you need to reconsider your priorities.

Before jumping into the main event, you can start your meal with some prawns, tomato soup or salad, but I wasn’t here for that – I wanted the melted gold.

The fondues serve two, and come with different things you can dunk in them. You can choose between regular mix of cheese, Dutch cheese or truffle cheese – all come with a variety of vegetables and bread, and for some reason a side salad. Or, if the mood takes you, you can choose a set of different sea foods or meats. All reasonably priced under €20.

We had the Dutch cheese fondue with a side of sausage – and a bottle of absolutely delightful bottle of Malbec which paired with the cheese perfectly. Combine the gorgeous offerings with the cosy interiors, friendly staff happy to chat and the easy-going vibes of this place and you have an absolute hit in your hands.  

You can tell Fondue and Fondue is a destination restaurant – I noticed a lot of first timers in neighbouring tables – but it’s also a firm favourite with the locals because of its relaxed atmosphere and delicious food, as well as a great selection of drinks. They have a roomy outside terrace too and what could be better than sitting outside enjoying the gentle chill of the evening, while warming yourself with a pot of steaming hot cheese?

I can’t think of anything really.

If you love cheese (and why wouldn’t you) this is the place for you. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Fondue and Fondue, Overtoom 415, 1054 JR Amsterdam, Netherlands | Website | Facebook

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