Zara tops I’m obsessed with right now

It’s not a great secret that Zara gets a massive portion of my paycheck each month, and for good reason! Zara does the quirky bang-on-trend items with undeniable style that oozes sophistication, but at the same time they craft a basics-line which is full of playful classics that are timeless and look sassy and trendy no matter what.


It’s from the basics range that I found these two tops that I’m totally in love with right now. I know I usually go for things that are far more colourful but for some reason I felt compelled to have something a little more understated in my closet this Autumn. Or something more from Zara. I don’t know guys, it could be anything.


But just because these tops sport the grey tones does not make them inconspicuous. They’re both riddled with funky details that make them fun, while keeping the comfy look and feel I chose them for.






I fell in love with this top because of the flowy cut and the super soft material. Wearing the top is like a massive hug, which is super nice during the ever cooling Autumn nights. The clever cut nips slightly tighter around your bust and then flows down, hiding away any sins you may carry around your waist. I also love the boat neckline cut which falls just off the shoulder. It’s comfy, it’s cute, and it’s only £9.99. Boom.






The second top I fell in love with on the Zara website and it was this top that beckoned me to the store again. It looks like your bog standard stripy top, but then you turn around and whoa, where did that come from! The ¾ sleeves and v-neck are something I usually prefer anyway but man, I am in love with the wide cut under my bust and the black details at the back. Yeah it’s super comfy but it’s also pretty funky. Better yet, it’s £7.99 a pop.


You can shop the styles HERE.


Have you got some new styles from Zara you want to share with me? Hit me up in the comments.


  • I love stripy tops and these are some great choices =^.^=

  • I love stripy tops and these are some great choices =^.^=

  • Stripes! All time favourite. I have the same thing every month I love Zara and I could just buy all the pieces they have. Also I’ve never had a problem with their quality and thats for me very important kisses

  • I love this top. I love stripes they are so simple, and be styled in so many ways. Great post!

    • For sure! Just simply with jeans or leggings and spice it up with some boots. I’m loving this style now ☺ xx

  • They look really good! I bought one very similar to the first one a year ago or so, might have even been from Zara, and i enjoy wearing it so much 😀

    • It is so comfy isn’t it! I’m in love with it ☺ xx

  • I love striped tops, so fresh and wearable. Their sales are always amazing as well. Im so happy to hear they’ve started a sustainable fashion line as well.

    xo Karoliina |

  • Jasmin N

    That top looks gorgeous! I’ve been avoiding Zara for a while now knowing that I’ll end up spending all my money there lol 😀
    I think I’m going to save some money and do a good old shopping spree some day during this winter 😀

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    • Someone once told me to keep an eye out for their basics range because they have the same trendy stuff there, just scaled down a little and a lot more wallet-friendly prices! Their leather biker jackets are like £19.90 for example. Check it out 🙂 xx

  • Zara is also one of my favorite brand and I believe they still maintain the quality and that is the reason I often buy clothes at Zara. Since I am always on move I often wear sport outfit. The combination of gray tank top and blue leggings are are my favorite.

    • I agree on the quality, and they have started to to sustainable fashion as well which I really like! I think bigger brands should lead the way in this area and I am really glad Zara is doing so.