Wildly Different – Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf


If you’re a beer geek, just the name Wild Beer will get you at least a little excited. And a place where you can drink all the Wild Beer you can handle will probably make you pop. And the thought of Wild Beer, 22 draft beers, and a bucket load of bottles and cans in one place might just make you see stars.



Enter the latest addition to the Wild Beer family in form of their second restaurant; Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf, in the brewery’s spiritual home of Bristol. It’s popped on a corner behind the M-Shed, with a view of the harbour and The Matthew moored in front of the bar. It’s got massive windows for people watching and beer spying whichever side of the glass you’re on.



Right. I said they have 22 draft beers, right? I’ll be honest, I didn’t count the taps because I was so blown away with the selection that I forgot. They had Bibble, Sleeping Lemons Export, Pogo, Wildebeest and so on, from their own barrels and Calypso from Siren Brewing, Milkshake from Wiper and True, The Stooge from Magic Rock… you get the gist. The beer list is pretty blooming fabulous. And that’s just the taps! They have fridges bursting in their seams with bottles and cans of the good stuff – I think I’d lose the ability to walk and form sentences before trying them all.



But they’re not just a watering hole. I mean, I would have been happy with them being “just” a watering hole with a fabulous watering list, but they also serve food. And by the looks of it, the food is amazing. I visited just gone midday on a lazy Sunday afternoon and before one the place was packed. There were tables filled with mates meeting for lunch and families feasting on a Sunday treat. I was there for the beer but you can have a butchers at their menu here.



So yeah. Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf ticks all the boxes for me, not just because it’s packed to high heavens with Wild Beer, but its got some soul. It’s perfect for a chilled beer excursion or luncheon, but it definitely has a buzz about it. The front is a perfect place to enjoy some sun and watch the world go by, and in case weather is not great, the massive windows allow you to ogle the outside world from the comfort of the bar itself. The beer selection is obviously fantastic and from what I’ve gathered, the so’s the food.



If you’re in Bristol and haven’t visited there, you’re totally missing a trick. In fact, if beer is your game it’s worth a visit from further afield too.


Have you been to Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf? Tell me all about it in the comments.

  • This looks like a beer drinker’s favorite to go place. I’m not much into beer but probably my fiancée or some of my colleagues would enjoy this place. 🙂

    Nora / https://dreamerachiever.com

  • Ha! That giant mural made me laugh. Sounds like you need to go back and try out their food offerings next time. 🙂

  • Karoliina Kazi

    My dad would love this place for all the beer and I would love it for the menu. Fantastic spot – thanks for the recommendation Katja xx

  • Sondra Barker

    These beers look great for a hot day and a cold beverage. Im ready for one!

    • Katja Knox

      They’re top notch I tells you. I’m having one right now!

  • Wow, this place is a paradise for beer lovers! So many different beers! Wish I was closer to this place tor try some of them!

  • Tadeja Umek

    Where do you find all these cool places?! This is another great bar that I would love to visit. It’s alway nice to drink a glass of a special beer, they are all so different and actually really interesting!

  • Jasmin N

    That is so cool! Your posts made me wish I liked beer (yet I have my very limited Finnish experiences of it & I don’t think Finnish beer is included in some of the world’s best ones).

    • Katja Knox

      It’s never too late to get on the beer-loving bandwagon. The Craft Beer revolution awaits!

  • This sounds like an awesome place to go with all the selections and view.

  • aziel morte

    Sounds like a good place to visit and so relaxing. I bet my hubby would love to go there too

  • What a great place to hang out with your friends. I’m more a wine person hihi. X – https://esseremoda.nl/matte-lipsticks-from-the-body-shop/

  • I love a craft beer! I love experiencing all the different tastes. Some are horrendous but some are so gorgeous that I drink them like fruit juice! This place looks very cool. Ree Love30

  • Sounds like a cool place! I always like to visit unique places with good beer!

  • Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a neat place

  • Great place! And sooo many different beers! If i was there i am pretty sure i wouldn’t know which one to choose. Great presentation Katja!

  • Wild beer looks like a cool place to hang out while tasting different beer, especially for those the beer lovers.

  • I love the fact that you’re so into beer! 😀
    That place looks great & sounds like they’ve got a huge range of different beers for every taste 🙂

  • If I saw ‘Wild Beer’ in a pub I would be drawn to order it! It would be too hard not to. I hope you enjoyed it! Nice pictures and a great read!

  • I’m not a big beer fan (actually only beer I have ever almost like was a ginger one so I think it doesn’t count haha). That place look cozy though!

  • I don’t drink, but this place still looks like a neat place.

  • That’s a whole lot of beer! I would love to try some of it myself. Not that I am an expert on beer, but I would like to try and learn the different flavors.

  • We’ve been to Bristol a couple times but we missed this place. There are so many great places in Bristol to see that it’s easy to miss places like this. I like the mural on the wall inside.

  • Robin Rue

    My husband and I would love to visit a place like this. The atmosphere is certainly cozy.

  • I’ve never been much of a drinker, but the atmosphere sounds great too. I’ve never been anywhere close to there though yet.

  • I am obsessed with these photos, this looks like such a great place. My best friend lovessssss beer she would love this place!



  • I love the overall look of the place. It’s definitely one that I’d go to to catch up with friends! I’d love to see their food too.

  • Elizabeth O.

    This is a nice place to meet up with friends! You don’t have to be a heavy drinker to enjoy a place like this. I like the fact that they serve food as well.

  • my husband would love this place will send him this post right now 🙂

  • Suddenly I want some beer! Looks like a great place to hangout!

  • I’m in for Wild Beer. I’ll definitely try some next time I’m in Bristol. The place is also so inviting.

  • I wish I liked beer! I’ve never been able to find one I enjoy. Still, this place looks lovely.

  • amer

    That place is amazing. I’m definitely going to check this place out. I just don’t know what to order, lots of choices.

  • I love wild beers! But 22 on tap, that’s amazing! Next time that I am in Bristol I am visiting here!

  • Wild beer sounds amazing, I like that they offer a variety of beer options! Divine x

  • My husband would love to visit this place. He is a beer snob. I stick to my glass of Pinot usually.

  • This sounds like a fun place to visit! It’s like wine tasting but beer tasting haha.

  • Awesome. It looks great. A place you have to visit, when you like beer! 🙂

  • Sounds like a spectacular place to visit. And with so many different beers to choose from, there’s definitely something for every taste!