You should totally wear prints this summer

Prints Collection


I haven’t got a ride-or-die attitude about prints. Totally not. I’m more of a moderate “I’ll wear this with black pants” school of thought, but man I gotta admit it: I love me some prints.


They’re such an easy way to spice up any outfit or bring an additional amount of sass to your day. They don’t need to take over though, they’re supposed to add to what you already have. Don’t worry, wearing prints doesn’t automatically make you look like a peacock stuck at a questionable fashion show.


Here, try this:


Team them with plain blocks: This is an easy one: print trousers/jeans and a plain shirt, or the other way around. Pair your shoes with whatever your top is to get an easy, sassy match.


Add a scarf: Scarves are super versatile – use one to tie your hair up, run it through belt loops or even use it as a strap for your bag and hey presto: instant print splash.


Bags, bangs, bags! As if you needed any extra encouragement to get yourself a new bag, right? Right! Match your bag with your shoes and you’re good to go, honey!


Don’t forget your socks! I don’t know about you but socks are my favourite item of clothing. yes, I’m serious. Stop laughing. Anyway; add a splash of colour to an all-black look by wearing colourful socks with your strappy shoes. Ta-dah!


On a completely unrelated note, does anyone want to get me the Alexander McQueen shawl for £1,040 as a pressie? No? Oh well, if you don’t ask and so on.


Go try some prints y’all!

  • JoAnna DeLeon Villarreal

    I love the heels you have pictured above!! I can only wear some printed pieces, for me I feel like I look funny if I wear too much print.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips for wearing prints this summer. I have to admit that my socks I have been getting lately with prints. It actually is almost a fashion statement now. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  • I love all those printed items especially the bag! I don’t really wear a lot of printed clothes but seeing these makes me want to.

  • I like some prints but I’m truly a solid colors girl. African prints, plaid, small flowers, polka dots and abstracts appeal to me in small doses.

  • I’ve been trying to incorporate prints as there are so many fun ones to style lately. I love the ones you choose and thanks for the lovely suggestion.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Amanda Love

    Prints are super fun and perfect for the summer! They add color and life to any outfit and it would be nice to wear more prints during the season.

  • Megan

    Prints are so in. I’m totally digging those shoes!

  • Leo T. Ly

    I think that prints are definitely in. I started to see my wife wearing more outfits with prints as the weather gets warmer.

  • David Elliott

    These look like some great prints that are absolutely amazing. Definitely would stand out in a crowd.

  • My wife usually is a solid colors woman. With her current interest in patterns I will definitely have to share this post with her.

  • Betty Boiron

    I’m usually more of a solid colors girl, but you’ve inspired me to try some prints. Can’t wait to go shopping!

  • Maro Akamatra

    I do love a nice floral print and I like to combine it with a solid color top or vise versa.

  • Love all the colors and prints from this article. I need you to go shopping with me. You have such great fashion sense

  • Beth Davidson

    I love the prints, but I will be passing on socks. I don’t want to wear them ever, I’m like a toddler. 🙂

  • Christine

    What beautiful clothing with prints!! I especially love the heels, they’re so cute!!

  • Ashvin Nankoo

    Love the prints on the bag and the scarf is really cool, but the price is definitely above my limit for now!

  • I need to pick up some prints. I think I have some on shirts, but nothing else at the moment.

  • Jessica Taylor

    I love that printed skirt! I really need to expand my collection and try more bold prints.

  • Prints are amazing! And so his embroidery! This cross body bag is amazing! massive crush! xx corinne

  • Shannon Patterson

    I’m definitely more on the conservative side when it comes to wearing prints. These accessory ideas are great though for wearing prints but not being too overbearing!

  • Robin Rue

    I am all about prints, so I am loving everything you have here. I need to do some shopping!