A mix of modern and tradition: Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar

The Western Coast of Finland is a right beauty, and nestled in its gentle (or bloody brisk) embrace is its jewel; Rauma.



The City of Rauma, founded 1442 is Finland’s third oldest town. Last year it celebrates its’ 575th anniversary while the Mother Land put its on party pants to celebrate 100 years as an independent state. So it was parties all around!



Rauma is mostly known for their (putting it mildly) colourful regional dialect, its long tradition in bobbin lace-making (I’m not joking) and the well-preserved, UNESCO World Heritage Site listed wooden buildings of Old Rauma. There’s something enchanting about how ancient history and modern fancies go hand in hand in this place.



One great example of such places is Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar, a little café set in the heart of the city, in the aforementioned wooden houses. What these guys have done is take over two homes of old, and convert them into one super cute and idyllic café, honouring the traditions of the Rauma folk, but putting their very own, modern twist to them.



Case and point: they boast they make the best doughnuts (munkki) in the city, but along this sugary, traditional treat they also serve the likes of “curry chicken croissants”, which come highly recommended. Hubby and I obviously tried both, because of reviewing purposes. Honestly though, they all looked to tasty it was a miracle I didn’t order seconds to go straight away. We flushed these treats down with honey infused blueberry tea, but if you wanted to go down the traditional coffee route they always have a fresh pot at the ready.



Anyway. The food in this place is amazing. If you’re hungrier than what a chicken stuffed croissant and a doughnut can satisfy, they also have a great mix and match salad bar where you just tell the staff how much and what you want and you’re charged by the size, not the contents. They have a fully stocked glass case with sweet and salty treats, and if your afternoon so demands they also do the cheeky tipple or cocktail.



Full service place this, eh? Well, yes it is. Imagine all this in a venue that has been someones’ home for some hundreds of years.



If you’re in that neck of the woods you should totally check them out, if you haven’t already.


You check out their website HERE, and their Facebook page is HERE.


  • Aditi Malhotra

    The bakery items look so so inviting, whenever i visit Finland, will keep this place in mind.. Finland is full of both beautiful places to see and eat

  • Oh, I want to go!!! I can almost smell the baked goods through my screen, haha. 🙂

  • Frances Beltran

    Omg I need to go here now!! Thanks for the new addition to my list of to-sees!

  • Samantha

    This coffee bar look really pretty and the food certainly looks delicious. I could totally see myself there. I hope one day I’ll be able to visit Rauma!

  • Hannah Chau

    I can totally imagine myself relaxing and stuffing my face with their yummy food here! I can probably spend all day there with a good book!


  • Blair villanueva

    I love the design of this place, cozy and very homey… And seems you can hangout as long as you like while reading a good book and eating croissants 🙂 575th! That’s amazing!

  • Homely compact coffee shops are my likes, and this place looks perfect for me. And Curry Chicken Croissants? Hmmm I honestly want to try that now, I’m wondering how it tastes like.

  • What a cute place to meet up with friends or to have a coffee and do some blogging yourself. I like the wooden details, feels very home-ish

  • Love the cosy atmosphere….that show glass looks too inviting…glad you enjoyed going there

  • I always love reading restaurant and cafe reviews and the food they serve. As a foodie myself, I find it exciting to find out new and innovative dishes that I can attempt in my kitchen like the curry chicken croissants! Never heard of them but they sound so interesting!


  • Amy

    It looks a beautiful place and curry chicken croissants sound amazing!

  • I’ve been there & the food tastes wonderful! Although, now as a person that is born in Pori, I should say something about Rauma but I’m different. Wait, what haha 😀

  • I love old and new! This looks like a remarkably cosy place to spend an hour or two!

  • Omg! How good do the curry chicken croissants sound? I hope they come in a gluten free version as I think I would demolish around 10 of them :). Love the wooden house, would love to see more pics if you have them? xx

  • This place looks lovely!!! I want to eat those croissants now!! Xx

  • This place looks so lovely, cozy and comfy. Adorable!! Loved reading this post, dear. 🙂

  • I love small and cozy coffee shops like that. A cup of good coffee and book , and you can spend there the whole day.

  • I love quaint homey cafes! If I ever make it to Finland, I’m going to have to look this place up!

  • Elizabeth O.

    This cafe is just so lovely. It’s a nice place to get some breakfast or to catch up with friends in the afternoon. It’s really beautiful.

  • I love going to cafes like this especially when I travel. It gives you a feel of what locals usually do before they start their day, not to mention a chance to enjoy good food and coffee.

  • I love places with a bit of character. I could very easily sit here with a good coffee, a yummy snack and a good book.

  • Se manifique views and vibes! makes me wanna hop on a plane right now lol

  • The cafe looks so cute. And the food looks to die for. I would love to visit there sometime.

  • Sondra Barker

    What an adorable little spot the restaurant is, looks super cozy! Those Chicken curry croissants look delicious as well.


  • Curry chicken croissants? That sounds tasty as does the doughnuts and how lovely that the town was celebrating its birthday x

  • I love visiting places that have such rich history. It looks so quaint and pretty!

  • This place looks fantastic. I’d be happy with the food!

  • Jessica Taylor

    That looks like such a quiet little place for brunch or something! I love little places like that!

  • This looks like such a quaint and homely place. Love the look of the pastries!

  • Looks like a lovely place. I’m going to travel the world soon so I’ll add this spot in FInland to my ever-growing list! Great photos.

  • Robin Rue

    That sounds like a great place to meet up with friends and just hang out. The food there looks great.