The problem with Urban Decay’s All-Nighter


I’ve started questioning whether it’s in fact me and not them when it comes to iconic makeup products. I had so much trouble with the Ordinary Coverage Foundation unlike the whole darn internet, I desperately wanted to love Barry M’s setting powder but didn’t, and I even dedicated a whole blog post to different foundations I broke up with because none of them were doing what I needed them to do. And now, after I’ve invested into another cult favourite, and having second thoughts about all the pennies spent on it, it start to feel like the problem might actually be me.


Don’t get me wrong – of course I adore the coverage the foundation gives me. Of course I adore that a little goes a long way. But why in sweet, sweet hell am I having so much trouble with blending the beggar?


OK so I when I buy high-end makeup, I go all in. I bought the whole set. De-Slick Shine Control Complexion Primer, All-Nighter Liquid Foundation and the De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray. This should mean RIP oily, shiny skin, RIP foundation slipping around my face, RIP any oil-related skin problems I may have, right? Wrong.


Let me tell you, my skin is oil city, population one at its best day. On a bad day it’s “honey I can see my reflection on your t-zone” kind of oily. That’s bad, right? So I thought, invest into heavy-duty, industrial strength set of makeup and you’ll never have to worry about that ever again. Or so I thought. On day one I moisturised, primed (or de-slicked? Anyway.) my skin and as per usual, hit it with a damp beauty blender. And the whole thing was so patchy, so damn patchy, and there was no way of remedying the situation apart from total annihilation. I had to wash it all off and start again.



OK – maybe I was doing it wrong. Wouldn’t put that past me. So I tried again. Moisturise, prime, do it again. But this time the little beggar wouldn’t stick to my nose or forehead no matter how hard I tried. Instead, it clung to my pores and made them look like massive craters. So, off it all came again.


I then thought the problem may be with my gear and I switched onto a brush. I mean, I spied on youtube that for people with large pores a buffing brush might work better. And it did – for all the two hours it lasted on my face before it all melted off. I mean what the hell?


But I am stubborn if I’m anything so I decided to keep trying. Different levels of “damp” in my beauty blender, more product, less product, different moisturises, different setting powders… it just wouldn’t work. I was just about to admit defeat until I realised there was one thing I hadn’t tried.



A different primer.


I went back to the drawing board and got my No7 Airbrush Away Pore Minimising Primer out. It’s a completely different formula than the De-Slick, and if you ask me, a tad more moisturising. I did everything else the same, moisturise and prime face and apply foundation with a damp beauty blender.


And you know what? It bloody worked. My skin looked fecking flawless all day, I only had to blot my nose once or twice in the 12 hours I was out and about but that’s it. No touching up, no caking, no breakage, nothing.


It seems that even for us super-oily folks, the combination of the De-Slick primer and the All-Nighter foundation is just too much. There’s no way it’ll sit beautifully on your skin. But use a different primer and voila, immaculate skin, all day (or All-Night, as it were). Having said that, the De-Slick primer works absolute miracles with my drug store foundations that haven’t got the same kind of lasting power as the All-Nighter. Basically, any foundation apart from the All-Nighter will absolutely definitely stay locked in and look perfect until kingdom come with it.


The problem is that they just don’t play well together. But I’m so darn glad the problem wasn’t me. Not this time, anyway.