My ultimate birthday wish-list

Happy birthday to me! Yes guys it’s my birthday! I’ve gone and got another year older but I promise you, none the wiser, and today is the day when I intend to get spoilt, by hubby, my friends and everyone in existence. Hi y’all, it’s my birthday!


Get your party-hats out and come celebrate with me! And in case you were thinking of gracing me with a little something, but were struggling with what that could be… I got you, hun.


Here’s my ultimate birthday wish-list.



1. Make me a playlist

Music is the food of the soul and of late I’ve been even more into it than I used to be. I am a firm believer that I can get to know a person by their taste in music (and beer, obvs) and I always want to get to know more people so if you want to gift me something on my birthday – make me a playlist of your favourite songs.



2. Lilles

Lillies are my favourite flower ever. I know they are more commonly thought as the “flower of death” because they’re favoured in funerals but bollocks to that! They’re pretty and I love them. Hubby usually gets me a bunch of these on my birthday.



3. Beer

Oh come on, you all knew beer was going to make an appearance on this list – you’re just surprised because it’s this down on the list. Beer, talking about it, drinking it and writing about it, is a labour of love for me and I intend to have some mind-blowing and outrageous ones for my birthday.



4. Massage

Oh yes, please. People generally go to massages to zone out and relax but I need them to unlock the crazy knotted thing that is my back. Obvs I enjoy the zen feeling after them but it takes rather a lot of manhandling for me to get there. Nonetheless, it’s something I intend to do on my birthday.



5. Get my nails done

Talking about relaxing – getting my nails done is all kinds of zen for me. I have a place I always go to, where I can chat absolute shite with the nail artist and just forget the outside world for a moment. Plus, I walk out with amazing nails, so there is that.



6. Makeup

 We all hate gift cards for birthday presents, right? They seem awfully lazy and unthoughtful. But there is an exception to the rule. The only acceptable gift card ever is one for Estee Lauder, MAC or Urban Decay so I can buy all the makeup I’m usually too stingy for. I know, I don’t even blink at a £50 bar tab but anything else with a even slightly higher price tag makes me break out in hives. Go figure.



7. Have dinner with me

Food is social. There’s nothing better than meeting your friends for a bite to eat or sit down with your family for a proper feast. It’s the whole breaking of bread thing that is a cornerstone of our whole society no matter where in the world we hail from. And nothing would make me happier than to eat my way through my birthday with my nearest and dearest.



8. Your presence

It might be a private beer tasting. Or a wine matching event. Or a random night out in our local pub. Or a cup of coffee and a natter. But your best present ever is your presence. And I treasure it.

  • Happy B-Day! 🙂 I am not surprised that beer is on your list, haha. I’d love to get some massage and pampering for my B-Day too.

  • Happy birthday! This is the PERFECT birthday wish list. 🙂 (When I turned 21 I asked everyone to make me a playlist with their 21 favorite songs and the resulting gifts were so awesome!!!)

  • Happy Birthday dear! Wish you all the best! Wish I was closer to you to offer you a birthday gift makeup!

  • Frances Beltran

    Happy Birthday!! I love what you said about gifting you with a playlist. Such a quirky idea that I’ve never heard of before, but nevertheless super genuine ❤️

  • whitney

    This is a great wish list and it shows your true character!! Instead of super materialistic things you just want to be with the ones you care about and I love that!!! I hope your Birthday is filled with all of these and more!!

  • Hannah Chau

    Happy birthday! May all your wishes (and more) come true! Love your unique wish list!

  • Lara Oliveira

    Happy Birthday!!! Not sure what kind of music you’re into, but I have a few playlists on Spotify you could follow 😉 Ocado do some amazing craft beer variety packs, in case that’s of any use! Hope you have a wonderful day xx


  • Cole Nemeth

    Sounds like a lovely birthday to me!