The ultimate Autumn comfort food


Guys, I feel like I would be doing a massive disservice to you if I didn’t tell you about the new menu at Brewhouse & Kitchen. Why? Because they have something on it that is probably the best thing I have ever tasted, ever.



I’m getting ahead of myself a little here. If you haven’t heard of Brewhouse & Kitchen before, they’re one of the newest kids on the block in Chester city centre (and just over 15 other cities also) and they have their own microbrewery on-site. My blogger friend Polly and I brewed a beer with them for International Women’s Day earlier this year and they’ve brought an ancient, Chester-based beer recipe alive of late too. So their beer credentials check out.



And last week I checked out their new small plates menu. OK, they could be just starters but if you order a few of them you can have a down right little feast upon you. So if more is more (instead of less) for you, you can order any 3 dishes for £12.95, 5 dishes for £21.00 or the whole lot of 17 dishes for £70 (but you gotta pre-order that’ y’all.).



I love the idea of small plates because I like to pair my food with beer and the more little plates I have, the more beer I can usually have. But also, you can have a little taste of everything rather than a lot of one thing. I know there’s been some grumbles about the small plates culture of late, but I say bollocks to that: beer tapas is the way to go. It’s the “no-plates” culture I have an issue with (please, just serve my food on a plate. That’s all I want. I don’t even care what it is but just put it on a plate, please). But I digress.



Anyway, now we get down to business about what I was raving on about before. In a few words: Mac n’ Cheese melts with chilli jam.



They’re these palm sized, deep friend balls made of soft and savoury Mac n’ Cheese. I don’t know if I’m doing them any justice by explaining them but they are just divine. They’re the ultimate comfort food of the year and I won’t hear anything else about it. You have to try them. They’re amazing. And at £4.25 they’re an absolute steal. They also go really nicely with a pint of porter, as I learned last Thursday.



I also scoffed my way through the oriental steamed buns with BBQ pulled pork and Asian slaw, salt & pepper calamari rings with garlic mayo, mushroom and weissbier arancini balls and sticky BBQ buffalo wings and they were all amazing but honestly? The highlight of my night were the Mac n’ Cheese melts. They’re a bloody revelation.



Give Brewhouse & Kitchen some online love, y’all (and then go and have some Mac n’ Cheese melts)


  • David Elliott

    Beer and big bites of different appetizers. Mmmmm… My mouth is watering just looking. Although not having eaten yet probably isn’t helping much. Ah well.

  • Oh wow these look amazing! Very similar to NYC Bar & Grill, which I love!!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  • This Curvy Life

    This food and beer looks amazing. Like the quality of your camera is seriously not helping me eat veggies tonight for dinner lol

  • Yum! Those Mac and cheese melts sound delicious!!! Great post

  • Justine Spencer

    Yuuuuum! This sounds like my kinda place. Everything looks incredibly delicious!

  • Oh come on, it’s 10:00 pm and suddenly i feel hungry! Amazing photos and wonderful place. You really choose the best places.

  • Samantha

    OMG all this food is making me hungry! This is totally my favorite kind of food and everything looks delicious. I actually love when they don’t serve food in plates ahah

  • Jasmin N

    Holy fuck I’d love to visit there. I love deep fried food. So much actually, that I’ve got a deep fryer at home haha 😀

  • Tadeja Umek

    I try to stay away from deep fried food but we all know we all need it from time to time, because it’s just good, isn’t it? 🙂