How to touch-up oily foundation


You know how it goes – you work hard keeping those oils at bay and leave the house with your makeup a matte perfection… and then in a few hours you glance in a mirror and realise you’ve just arrived in shine-city, population one oily face.


It happens to me every day and it just absolutely sucks. Ain’t nobody got time to re-do their entire makeup every few hours, or carry with them the arsenal they need to make this happen.


But all is not lost! I recently learned some tricks that actually make it possible to touch-up your oily makeup on the go without looking like you have around five million pounds of it on your face. And they’re pretty easy, too.



Here’s what you do:


Get rid of the excess oil: You can go high-street with this and dab the excess oil away with blotting paper, or you can do what I (a cheapskate) do and get some toilet paper, separate the layers and use one of the thin layers to do the same by just pressing the paper gently against any oily areas on your face. Point is, just get rid of the excess oil on your face before you do anything else. Sometimes this is enough to get you through the day, but in case it isn’t…


Use a beauty blender: I own two beauty blenders: one that I do my daily makeup at home with and one goes with me where ever I go. It lives in my little beauty pouch in my handbag. You should have one living in yours, too. Once you’ve dabbed away the excess oil, get your beauty blender out and gently but firmly press it on the areas you just removed the excess oils from. See, the problem is not that you have no foundation left, it’s that it’s slipping all around the place because of the oil. What you’re doing here is basically just putting it back to where it belongs.



Finish it up with setting powder: Now, you can use a loose one if you prefer, but I just carry Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte setting powder around with me – the packaging is nice and thin and the product is actually really good. It’s a bargain at £4.99 as well and it leaves your skin Instagram ready immediately. But I digress: I tend to swipe some powder on to my beauty blender and then press the powder on my face gently but firmly (see a pattern here?) and then finish with a quick once-over with a powder brush.


Et voila! Your foundation looks like it never fell victim to an oil-overload and you can go about your business looking as fierce and fabulous as you were when you first left home that day.


You’re welcome, fellow sufferers of impossibly oily skin.

  • So far so Sabine

    Easy tips and deff works! I don’t have oily skin, but it’s very dry instead. I like to use a lot of hydration before applying my foundation and powder. That helps.

  • Nazrin Miah

    I never used to put any setting powder on my foundation and my face will have melted half way through the day. After starting to use powder I can see it keeps the foundation in place for entire day!

  • Lili Angelova

    I also think that napkins or toilet paper work better than the blotting papers 😀
    But the Beauty Blender idea is amazing, I would give it a try asap!
    Thanks for sharing! xx

  • happy nami

    Great tips. What about setting sprays, have you tried them? Do they work?
    I have dry and sensitive skin, so I actually do the opposite – I use setting sprays to get dewy skin, haha.


  • Hannah Chau

    Never thought about carrying a beauty blender for the trick! i have such oily skin so this is so useful!!

  • Jasmin N

    Beauty blender is so good! Or well, the dupes. I don’t like the original one haha, I prefer the dupes 🙂 great one Katja!

    • happy nami

      Tell us which dupes you prefer.. we need to know if there are any good on the market! 😉