My top 5 hot-weather makeup tips


Have you been enjoying the hot weather boo? Cos I haven’t! This blistering heat is fecking killing me. I’m telling you honey, I am not made for these temperatures.


And it’s not enough that my pasty skin burns like whoa at the slightest hint of sun shine, or that my hair goes ghost white or that I can’t sleep because it’s hot AF – it’s that the makeup that I spent a fair amount of (too long) time to perfect melts away before I even leave the house.



And whereas you can blot away excess oils, you can’t really blot sweat away the same way. That bastard steals away even the most heavy-duty foundation and makes the most beautifully winged eyeliner look alike a hot mess. And yeah, we probably could drop makeup during the hottest of days but why should we? I mean I’m not joined at the hip with my favourite foundation (OK OK – maybe a little) but it’s part of my routine and I don’t like change. Also, I’m not having the best skin right now so there is that.


I’ve tried pretty much every trick in the book to make my makeup fight this blistering heat and have come up with five top tips that seem to work for me. And I wanna share them with my online fam who suffers like me. Cos boo I got your back!



1. Moisturise like it’s going out of fashion

Spoiler alert: it never goes out of fashion. When the sun keeps kissing the hell out of your skin in high temperatures you gotta up your moisturising game. You can still go for matte products if you’re an oily skin type (I’m loving Garnier’s Natural green tea moisturiser right now) but make sure they’re extra hydrating. Imagine how you feel standing in the sun all day without having a drop to drink – that’s how your skin is feeling. Give it some love, yo.


2. Drop the brush – it’s all about beauty blenders right now

Trust me on this: damp your beauty blender (or any blending sponge of your choice) with cold water and blending your foundation will be a relief in this hot weather. It cools down your skin and that is an absolute must right now.



3. Less is more, baby

You might want to opt for medium coverage foundations for the hottest days, and even then, use a little less. Too heavy a layer of foundation will actually make your skin sweat more, and sweat will streak your makeup like you wouldn’t believe. I’m using Estee Lauder’s Doublewear and just applying a thin layer – it’s pigmented enough to cover any imperfections but light enough to let my skin breathe.


4. Do your upper lip last

OK I really hope I’m not the only one who suffers from this, but: my upper lip area is the first one to get super sweaty and I also find it incredibly hard to keep my foundation staying put once it does – I try to blot the area but that only cracks my foundation and makes it look terrible. I know – it’s embarrassing. I tend to dry and do my hair and get dressed after I do my foundation and by the time I’m ready to head out of the house I already feel like I need to do my makeup again. BUT. I’ve started to leave my upper lip area without any foundation until I’m almost ready to head out, and blend a thin layer on it then and a quick whisk of setting powder and I find that it stays put a lot better than if I had applied the foundation at the same time as the rest of my face.



5. Keep your setting spray cool

And last but not least – your setting spray can also help you feel a tad bit cooler. I keep my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray in a cool dark place during the day and let me tell you; setting my makeup has never been this fresh, honey. It’s lush AF.


Have I missed some life-changing hacks for keeping my makeup on in this heat? Tell me all about it in the comments, stat!
  • Hannah

    I always struggle with make up staying put regardless but even more so in this heat, will defo take note of some of these tips!

  • Jasmin N

    Oooh these are wonderful tips! I usually stop wearing makeup & start moisturising like it’s the end of the world when the weather gets hot-ish haha.

  • Aditi Malhotra

    Love the recommendations, totally relatable. The urban decay spray is really cool