My favourite wear: The Trousers of Happiness

I came across these trousers on a day out in Chester, when I was trying to figure what to do with a River Island gift card I was given. I’ll be honest; I don’t think I’ve ever owned a single piece of clothing from River Island, which probably says more about me than the store itself.

I’m one of those awkwardly shaped ladies with a short torso on top of stubby legs and I always struggle in finding clothing that fits me. I didn’t hold much hope doing so that day, either.

Then I saw this pair of striped trousers, innocently hanging on the rack. They were fun. They immediately made me feel really happy. The fabric was soft woven, they were cropped and did I mention the stripes already?!?

These trousers have officially been donned my “trousers of happiness”. They make me feel happy, they are super comfy and they can be dressed up or down with a simple addition of either flats or heels, and maybe a statement necklace. the world’s my oyster in these fabulous trousers.

I suppose my days of wearing solely leggings as a fashion statement are over.

Trousers of happiness - picture credit to River Island

Trousers of happiness – picture credit to River Island

  • Jasmin N

    Those trousers look absolutely fab! Loving the stripes at the moment haha 🙂

    ~ Jasmin N