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What to eat at KERB Camden Market

I have a confession: I don’t just run after the best beer in town when I’m on the road. No Sir, I’m also all over some magnificent menus too. It helps when hubby is with me because he’s got this spectacular talent of spotting some great spots to stuff our face and when we stopped by London for a quick…

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More beer than you can handle: CraftBeerCo Covent Garden

If I didn’t live in Cheshire where arguably the best breweries lie, I’d be totally envious of London. On a quick day trip there for work, hubby and I popped in the CraftBeerCo in Covent Garden and kinda just never wanted to leave.     Opened in May 2014, the Covent Garden venue is the sixth pub in the CraftBeerCo…

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A mix of modern and tradition: Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar

The Western Coast of Finland is a right beauty, and nestled in its gentle (or bloody brisk) embrace is its jewel; Rauma.     The City of Rauma, founded 1442 is Finland’s third oldest town. This year it celebrates its’ 575th anniversary while the Mother Land puts its on party pants to celebrate 100 years as an independent state. So…

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