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6 things I’m obsessing over on SimplyBe


I’m all about frugal fashion but I know oftentimes you get what you pay for. For us curvier girls, frugal fashion can be a bit of a challenge too. I mean, we need clothes with clever cuts and beautiful fits and fashion just isn’t one-size-fits-all. But never fear: here’s 6 things on SimplyBe (online shop for us curvier girls) I’m…

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My Ankle Booties Wishlist


  Ankle booties wishlist by katnappd featuring black leather booties     Ankle boots are the marmite of fashion, I find. You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. To me, they were a slow burner. I used to think they look weird with skinny jeans or dresses but it turned out I wasn’t wearing them right and the fact…

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OOTD: Date day in Liverpool


  I had a random date day with hubby at Liverpool on Thursday and you know what? Even after eating my bodyweight in super tasty Moroccan cuisine and drinking my way through a pitcher of their mint infused lemonade I felt like a million bucks in this skater shirt dress from SimpleBe.   It’s probably the most comfortable dress I…

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I want some hygge in my home


  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a few (OK, few too many) times that hubby and I are in the process of buying our first ever home. And we decided that we’re dumping our old furniture which has followed us through a few rented accommodations and whereas much loved and well used, has definitely come to the end of its…

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Five H&M fashion finds under £20


I’m into frugal fashion. I want to look a million bucks but only spend like twenty, and still have change for a pint after an exhaustive shopping spree. So finding these super fancy fashion items in H&M for less than that is pretty awesome. You’re all welcome 😉     Superstretch treggings – £12.99 Treggings  is where it’s at right…

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My favourite finds at North West Fashion Festival


So the North West Fashion Festival happened this weekend. Myself and my friend, a fellow blogger and a fashion-know-it-all Polly popped over the Mersey to attend the 3rd fashion frenzy, hosted at the stunning St George’s Hall in Liverpool and boy were we overloaded with some fabulous fashion finds.     I am in love with these studded stilettos and…

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Zara tops I’m obsessed with right now


It’s not a great secret that Zara gets a massive portion of my paycheck each month, and for good reason! Zara does the quirky bang-on-trend items with undeniable style that oozes sophistication, but at the same time they craft a basics-line which is full of playful classics that are timeless and look sassy and trendy no matter what.   It’s…

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6 affordable autumn coats I’m loving right now


This may be controversial, but I’m not sad to see the back of summer. No more roasting in the blinding sunshine or hiding away from bloodthirsty mosquitos or talking about being “beach body ready” (I never was) or suffering from a third degree sunburn because you decided sitting in the beer garden all day Sunday was a great idea. It’s…

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Ciaté London

Impulse buy of the week: Ciaté London nail polish


I will confess; I have always had a soft spot for Marie Claire magazine. In my defence, the journalism within has always been so much more sound than in similar magazines and they cover serious issues that others would not touch with a bargepole. But also, they often offer samples of expensive products which I would not shell money for…

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