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Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast

Pancakes are great, right? But you can’t have them too often because they take so much time to make and they can be a little fatty. Wrong! Here’s my two favourite pancakes recipes that are super easy to make, take very little time and aren’t really fatty at all. Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast, y’all.     Breakfast berry pancakes…

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Breakfast of champions: huevos rancheros

  One of the perks of marrying a chef is that you’ll never go hungry. And when they get inspired by something, boy are you in for a treat. Take this ‘huevos rancheros’ breakfast beast. It’s a solid favourite of hubby’s and mine for a lazy morning together. We get precious little time together as he works shifts and I’m…

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Mackrel Carbonara

Healthy treats: Smoked mackerel carbonara

I know, I know, this is a rare phenomenon. Me, in the kitchen? Recently I’ve been craving a lot of fish and sea food – I have no idea why but I can’t seem to get enough of all those juicy prawns and smoked salmon and everything else in between. So hubby sent me this recipe to try when he…

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