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I’m all Christmassy already and I’m not even sorry

  Look, I know it’s only November and I know Christmas is still over a month away but damnit, I don’t care. Christmas lasts for only a few days so I intend to throw everything and the kitchen sink at it and extend my enjoyment of the season. I intend to be completely unapologetical about it.   Which is why…

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Beers and beats at Hoole Beer Festival

  “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”, said Benjamin Franklin (arguably) way back when and if you needed any more proof that it’s true, that was at the Hoole Beer festival this weekend. Sure, I ended up with the mother of all hangovers and sore feet due to too much dancing but it was…

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April Hoole Street Festival

  Last year I wrote about the Hoole May Day Street Festival taking over the main shopping streets of the now somewhat famous suburb in Chester, and this year they did it again. It was bigger, bolder, louder and some might even say, better than its predecessor.     The team behind what is undoubtedly now an annual event is…

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