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7 things making me happy right now

  It’s International Day of Happiness y’all. No, seriously. Happiness gets its own day and today is it.   What is this “day of happiness”, I hear you ask. Well. It’s an annual event that’s celebrated in 193 countries, 2 observer states and in 11 territories, so pretty much all over the world. It’s a day when we should dedicate…

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10 things your depressed loved one needs to know

  Let’s get one thing straight: Depression is very real.   It’s a horrible disease that can (and will) take over your life. It can affect if not destroy your relationships. It can cause you to harm yourself and those around you. It can shadow your entire existence.   I know this.   And I know there are a lot of…

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So long and thanks for all the beer

Kash is dead. Long live Kash.     I’ve started this blog a good few times and deleted every word after a few lines because I just didn’t think they did the subject any justice. It’s hard trying to put into words what this place has meant to me over the past 6 years. It’s hard to explain how much…

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