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April Hoole Street Festival


  Last year I wrote about the Hoole May Day Street Festival taking over the main shopping streets of the now somewhat famous suburb in Chester, and this year they did it again. It was bigger, bolder, louder and some might even say, better than its predecessor.     The team behind what is undoubtedly now an annual event is…

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Battle for the craft beer crown: UK vs US


  I know I keep banging on about these beer tastings I host in Chester Beer & Wine, but man, last night kind of blew it out of the water. When I first jumped on the craft beer bandwagon what feels like a lifetime ago, the biggest and boldest and most outrageous beers came from America. Having said that, the UK…

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Winter Warmers at erj boutique


  No denying it now. The holidays are a-coming. And yesterday they were in full swing in erj, an independent women’s fashion boutique on the high street of Hoole.   There was mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas tunes and late night shopping. I had all the love for this totally adorable sparkling stripy top from Masai Clothing Company and that…

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It’s wine o’clock! Or: that one time I went to a wine tasting


  I really don’t need much convincing to go for a few drinks with fab folks at the best of times, and even less so when it’s a wine tasting at Chester Beer & Wine in Hoole. Firstly because it’s my favourite shop in Chester and it’s just around the corner from me, and secondly… well, I mean, drinks! Wine! Bubbly!…

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There’s no place like Belgium: A banging beer tasting


  I may have mentioned this about a million times, but I love beer. Like, proper love, “I wanna marry you” kind of love. And whereas I am all for the craft beer revolution and the exciting and outrageous beers it has brought to the masses, I’ve always has a massive soft spot for the traditional beers from Belgium.  …

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5 Sunday roast offers in Hoole


  Sunday is the day of the week when you don’t need to feel guilty about not bothering to cook. And boy, are those in Hoole in luck! Being a Hoolite (or a Hooligan, whichever) means you have the pick of the bunch come Sunday: our little neck of the woods has some pretty dapper deals for dinner. Not only…

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Five Hoole lunchtime deals for under a tenner


“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?’” — Winnie the Pooh   I don’t know about you but when I have an hour for lunch I don’t particularly want to waste it trying to figure out where is good. And goodness knows I don’t want…

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5 pubs you should visit on a pub crawl in Hoole


Let me tell you a few things about where I live, work and play.   I have mentioned before how much I love living in Hoole, and not the least because there are great watering holes and eateries just a few steps away from my front door. Obviously there’s the added bonus of great specialist boutiques from clothes and accessories…

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