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7 things making me happy right now

  It’s International Day of Happiness y’all. No, seriously. Happiness gets its own day and today is it.   What is this “day of happiness”, I hear you ask. Well. It’s an annual event that’s celebrated in 193 countries, 2 observer states and in 11 territories, so pretty much all over the world. It’s a day when we should dedicate…

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10 signs your friendship is toxic

  Friendships are seriously good for you. A 10-year long Australian study showed that participants with solid friend groups were 22% more likely to live longer, and researchers at Harvard concluded that happiness was “infectious” among friends who lived within a mile of each other. So why am I writing about ties that were cut and friendships that ended instead of celebrating how…

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So long and thanks for all the beer

Kash is dead. Long live Kash.     I’ve started this blog a good few times and deleted every word after a few lines because I just didn’t think they did the subject any justice. It’s hard trying to put into words what this place has meant to me over the past 6 years. It’s hard to explain how much…

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