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15 reasons I love Finland

On Wednesday (06.12) Finland celebrated its 100th birthday – my Motherland has been independent for a full century and guys, that’s really awesome. We Finns are known for our somewhat lacking social skills, fecking cold winters and most notably Angry Birds but there’s so many more reasons to love the little country that gave you Nokia (among other things). I’ll…

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Beer lovers in Tampere, Finland must visit here

  Okay so it’s not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, Plevna opened way back in the beginning of 90s, but it still makes it new to us who do not have the fortune of living within walking/driving distance of it.     But let’s start from the beginning. Hubby and I visit Tampere every so often…

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A mix of modern and tradition: Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar

The Western Coast of Finland is a right beauty, and nestled in its gentle (or bloody brisk) embrace is its jewel; Rauma.     The City of Rauma, founded 1442 is Finland’s third oldest town. This year it celebrates its’ 575th anniversary while the Mother Land puts its on party pants to celebrate 100 years as an independent state. So…

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