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7 things making me happy right now

  It’s International Day of Happiness y’all. No, seriously. Happiness gets its own day and today is it.   What is this “day of happiness”, I hear you ask. Well. It’s an annual event that’s celebrated in 193 countries, 2 observer states and in 11 territories, so pretty much all over the world. It’s a day when we should dedicate…

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Five amazing Chester coffee shops you need to visit

Chester: the promised land of Roman soldiers, horse races and medieval two tier shopping experiences. And, as it turns out, some really quirky and unique coffee shops and tea rooms.   Being someone who thinks cocktails aren’t just for the weekends (they’re for life, yo) and craft beer is a state of mind rather than a night out it took…

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Farmers market at the Chester Town Hall

I’ll level with you; I’m a right sucker for a farmers market. I love drifting from stall to stall, probing the local produce on offer. I love tasting locally sourced and produced goods and I love the thrill of discovery when you find something that’s just spot on. I love fiddling the artisan items. I love meeting the people behind…

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