How to survive a hangover at work


Oh don’t look at me like that – we’ve all been there. Maybe you had one cocktail too many (or in my case, five) or missed the last bus so you thought “well, since I’m gonna have to take a taxi anyway I might as well have one more glass of wine” and that turned into shots of tequila and a questionable looking kebab from a place you’ve never heard of before and now can’t quite remember where it is. Whatever your excuse, you wake up feeling less than enthusiastic about the day ahead.


It’s an irksome scenario for sure, but fear not! Your friendly internet neighbourhood booze hound is here to give you advice on how to survive your “morning after” in the office.



Get up early

Yeah, I know, it would be so much nicer to sleep in just a little bit – but don’t do it. Extra half an hour’s kip will not do you as much good as getting up at least your usual time. This gives you time to potter around and get your bearings and wake up from your drunken slumber, and more importantly to…


Take a long shower

Steam is the key – trust me. Draw lobster-boiling hot water to create a kind of a pseudo-sauna in your shower to sweat out all the toxins you took in the night before. You’ll feel more refreshed and put together, too.


Liquid breakfast

You should snack your way through the day but your brekkie should be of the liquid kind. Think of vitamin drinks and smoothies. They’ll trick your tummy to thinking there’s sustenance there but they’ll be gentler on your insides than a full blown breakfast. They also hydrate you and that is something you definitely will need today.



You need to keep drinking all day. Seriously. Coffee, tea, water, all of the above. Just keep drinking because you literally cannot drink too much (unlike the night before, if you know what I mean)


Lunchtime activities

It’s a good idea to go for a little stroll at lunchtime – fresh air, a little pick me up and time away from your desk – but when you’re hungover it’s even better. You kinda need to get some endorphins flowing again. But girl, be realistic – a gentle stroll or a short bike ride is going to feel a lot less painful and nauseating than a blooming jog.



The best thing to do is to snack all through the day rather than having a really heavy meal. You need to boost your depleted blood sugar and glucose levels. Pears and all-bran cereal are particularly good for replenishing glucose, as are insulin-boosting starchy foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice… all of which you can more than likely find in a deli counter of a shop you can stroll to on your lunch. Snap!


Get some space

You’re probably not at your best right now so if you can avoid it, don’t talk to clients or even colleagues today. I am usually cranky as hell when hungover at the office so I tend to avoid everyone like the plague. If I can, I’ll find a meeting room, a cubicle or a little corner where I can work on my own and concentrate on the task at hand rather than the office politics which are sure to fly around.


And most importantly, remember that you won’t feel like this tomorrow. Your hangover will be much easier to live with as long as you acknowledge its temporary nature.


Have I missed any tricks to surviving a hangover at the office? Tell me pronto!

  • Jayne

    These are all so true – and thanks for saying we’ve all been there !! Makes me feel like less of a mess 🙂

  • Ferrita Perrdone

    i love your suggestions! I will do this next. If I am drunk, the next day i felt I am so unproductive and it feels like I’m a walking zombie.

  • Haha these are great tips! Though I’m not hungover today, I think some of these can apply to having a bout of insomnia… unfortunately I can’t avoid the client contact! Wish me luck!

  • Haha!! These tips are totally needed from time to time! Thanks for much & cannot wait to try them how next time when I go a little overboard haha! Thanks 🙂

  • Ahahaha, I loved this one! Hangovers are the worst at work! I usually cope with them taking a day for sick leave or well, won’t be drinking a night before 😀

  • Bahahaha, I saw the title of this and just remembered the good ole’ days of college work at an urgent care center. Here’s a tip for you – if you’re going to be hungover, work at urgent care. There were legitimately times when the doctors or MAs gave the receptionists IVs to entertain themselves and keep us going. I don’t drink enough to worry about hangovers anymore, but that job will always stick out in my mind for that.

  • Michelle Brereton

    B12 vitamin night before and in the morning!

  • Oh, man haha I love these tips. I rarely ever get hangovers, but there are times when I’ve had to take a shot or two on my lunch break to get through the day. These are all so true. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post & tips . Although I don’t drink alcohol , but when I used to , my hangovers were the worst , I swear nothing helped me 🙁
    Thank you for sharing !

    Andra xx

  • I dont drink, so can not really relate on any of this, but great suggestions xo

  • I remember all too well having to cope with hangovers at work. Now with two kids in tow it doesn’t happen that often. I couldn’t cope with it anyway. Hangovers definitely get worse the older you get.

  • What a great blog. This is great. When I was younger I never got a hangover but the older I got the more I got them. Thank you for the tips will definitely have to try them in the future.