Sorted for Sunday at the Suburbs

For me, Sundays can go one of two ways: I either wake up perky and happy and ready to fill my day with lazy nonsense, or I wake up feeling like death because the last pint or cocktail the night before was just one too many. Basically, I’m either super hungover or not – there’s usually very little in between.



But whichever condition I wake up with, one thing’s for sure: I could murder a Sunday roast.



A good roast cures whatever ills you and it can fuel you for a whole day of idle enjoyment, which is what Sundays should really be all about. And if you conquer your roasty goodness in a place that encourages said idle enjoyment – well, that’s a bit of what I fancy innit.



So one of my new favourite places to indulge in a bit of what I fancy on Sundays is the Suburbs in Hoole. You might remember me raving about their new cocktail menu a while ago but I don’t think I’ve raved about their roasts yet. So let’s do that.



First and foremost, which I think is the most important thing about them, is that they’re huge. There’s nothing sadder than a piddly little roast that barely sustains you until you get your stuff and go home. The yorkies alone are enormous, and who doesn’t love a good yorkie?



The second thing about them, which is also rather important, is that they cook the meat to perfection and you can tell it’s quality produce… and that the meat comes with gravy that’s so bloody lovely that I could just drink it from the gravy boat. I didn’t, mind you, not for lack of trying though but because hubby (who was my Sunday roast date, obvs) stopped me.



And then you have the trimmings, y’all. The roasties (nom), the broccoli (it’s nom now that I am not a little girl hating on anything green anymore, okay?) and yes, the cauliflower cheese (total babe). I mean, the trimmings usually play second fiddle on the Sunday roasts but they can be great supporting acts if done right. No one likes soggy taters or overcooked carrots. But if you’re eating your roast in the Suburbs you needn’t worry about that sort of stuff. It’s all good here.



Add to this a few cocktails, a beer or two or maybe even a Bloody Mary and your Sunday is sorted! Trust me on that.


Check the Suburbs out online, baby!


  • Aditi Malhotra

    Wow.. the food looks so tempting and inviting.. the pcitures made me hungry 🙂

  • *Drooling* Why on why can’t Sunday roasts be a thing in America?!

  • Ha ha – your Sundays sound very much like my Sundays!! Either super productive or a complete write-off… You are killing me with these Sunday roast pictures – those Yorkie puds look p h e n o m e n a l …! Charlie xo

  • Hannah Chau

    That’s the kind of Sunday I like. Those Yorkshires look immense, just the perfect size!

  • Lara Oliveira

    That Sunday roast looks the business! xo