New cocktail menu at the Suburbs

Honey I don’t need to be told many times that a chic little boutique bar is launching, not only a new cocktail menu, but also a new food menu. No honey, once was enough. The minute I heard that Suburbs in Hoole was revamping their offerings I was out the door so quick it would have made your head spin.



I have talked about this place before. They do killer cocktails and their ‘tapas’ style small plates are all kinds of funky and delicious and they have recently upped their craft beer game so you might remember where I’m on about. It’s neatly nestled on Charles Street and is probably best known as a cocktail lounge and easily the most quirky place in Hoole.



And when I say quirky, I don’t just mean the funky décor (which on its own is like an absinthe-induced masterpiece) I mean the staff and the people who frequent there. The bartenders are a right laugh and they’re all super passionate about their craft. It was sunny AF yesterday when I dashed to the little oasis of trendy tipples so that inevitably meant it was also busy AF (who doesn’t want a drink on the first proper day of summer, I ask you. Who?!?) so the guys and gals were far too busy to have a leisurely chat about the exact science that goes into the cocktails. But, when they had a second, they did (very proudly) tell me about the homemade ingredients they’ve created to give that extra little something to these little vessels of bliss.



Hey, I know what it sounds like. You’re thinking “she’s had so many cocktails she’s bloody lost it,” and you would be kinda right. I’m not a ‘cocktail person’, per se. My favourite cocktail has always been a martini, which is technically just booze topped up with booze and I feel I kind of missed the boat that would have taken me to the land of loving some sugary, overpriced concoctions. But herein lies the trick: the cocktails in Suburbs aren’t those.



I’ll explain: these beauties are so far removed from your run of the mill Tequila Sunrises or Woo Woo’s you’d swear they’re a different species. I mean, the staff make their own “Pineapple Honey” for some of them, they have Absinthe Spray and Smoked Citrus Vodka, they use fresh herbs and fruits and then you obviously have the expertise that these guys have in combining all the ingredients into one tasty, beautiful work of outstanding artistry.



I mean check it, here’s a few I had last night:

A Place Beyond the Pines (£8) with Rosemary infused Titos, Blueberry, Apple Juice and Foraged Woodland

Cuban Laundry Service (£8) with Coconut Washed Havana, Guava, Pineapple Marmalade and Absinthe

Altered Carbon (£9) Nikka from the Barrel, Jasmine, Pandan and Charcoal


You can see the full cocktail list HERE, I dare you to read it and tell me I’m exaggerating when I say that I’m damn impressed with the inventiveness that’s gone into them and think they might just be some of the best cocktails in town.



But wait – it wasn’t just cocktails that got a makeover yesterday – the food menu did too! And because drinking cocktails in sunshine is hungry work, we obviously had to try it out.



I have three words for you: Mac and Black. This absolute revelation of a dish is the love child of a traditional mac & cheese and a really good meat feast. It’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese with black pudding and smoked bacon crumbs, and it is amazing. If you’re not into comfort food taken to the next level though, you can always graze your way through a Lamb Poutine which is sticky and a little sweet and melts in your mouth, some halloumi fries or a Baked Camembert because honey, they’re all bloody marvellous.



Anyway. Suburbs is reinventing what it means to be a little boutique bar in the suburb of a city. It’s making its way on the map as a destination for those who appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a cocktail selection with a difference and food that is fancy but not pretentious.



What do you mean you haven’t been? You should go, now! Or alternatively, if you’ve already been, you know what I’m talking about. Peace.


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  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    These meals look very appealing… I get they taste great too. Lovely place too… it’s good to know know they have good customer service

  • Wow, I love the presentation on these cocktails! I always tell myself I can create great cocktails at home but then I order one while out and it shows up looking like those…Some things I just need to leave to the professionals, haha!

  • Sondra Barker

    Everyone needs a good cocktail in their life 😉 These pictures are all so mouth-watering!
    Xo, Sondra

  • whitney

    Whoa!! these look so fun but I especially like the one with the pinecone in it!! I have never seen anything like that!!!

  • Oh yes, I should go next time I ll be there! Everything looks delicious! And all these cocktails, need one right now, it’s Friday afternoon after all!