Smile Brilliant: does it work?

Confession time guys: I have always been really, really, ridiculously embarrassed about my teeth. No, I mean, really. I know oftentimes people say they dislike something about themselves to get praises for it or the avalanche of support in how what they dislike “isn’t that bad” – but that ain’t the case here. I genuinely detest my dentals.


When I was little, my teeth were so wonky I had to wear braces. They hurt, they were ugly, and they made me look like Jaws from James Bond when (if) I smiled. Worst thing is, over the years, my teeth have all but just returned into their wonky state – but I’m too old for braces now and I’ve just had to learn to live with hating how my teeth look.



I mean you’ve noticed how I never smile with my mouth open, haven’t you? This is why. It’s really embarrassing.


So if there was anything that could make me feel better about the state of my choppers and give my confidence a bit of a boost, I’d be the first in line to try that. Unless it’s braces… Cos there’s zero way I’m subjecting myself to that ever again.





There I was, minding my own business, when an email from Smile Brilliant popped into my inbox. If you haven’t heard from them before, they’re a US based company who have a somewhat different outlook to teeth whitening to that I’ve come across before. Sure, everyone has their own potions and gels to remove stains from your choppers, but Smile Brilliant create custom-fitted teeth whitening trays, which I am told are hand-crafted by their dental lab technicians. So basically, you get a professionally made, exact match of your teeth (like your dentist would make) which you then use for said potions and stuff.



I know what you’re thinking; “Okay, but how?!? They’re in the states and you’re in the UK and as far as I know those places are pretty far apart.” And right you are, honey. This is all possible by the sheer magic of some putty, plastic trays and the postal service. You order your impressions package from Smile Brilliant and you make your impressions with the putty and plastic trays included. Think PlayDoh but for your teeth – that’s pretty much how simple it is. Then you mail everything back to the lab in the envelope included, the lab will create your custom-fitted trays and send it all back to you an et voila! You’re ready to whiten your teeth.


I mean, obvs you need to account for a little bit of time for the postal service if you, like me, live anywhere that is not the US of A, but you know. Whatever. It’s not a deal-breaker for me.



And off you go then. In your package you have dentist-strength (22%) Carbamide Peroxide in 3ml syringes, and you can use one syringe about three or so times. Whatever feels comfortable to you. Sometimes your teeth might not like that much peroxide on them, sometimes they do. Sometimes you’re having a sensitive teeth day (like a bad hair day but way more annoying) and sometimes you don’t. Point is that you’re in the driving seat of how much product you use and can customise your whitening process to fit yourself. There’s also a desensitizing gel included with “sensitive” packages.



Now, I’m going to be honest with you. You will need the desensitizing gel. I don’t have particularly sensitive teeth but I did notice after a few times of using the whitening gel that cold things made my teeth hurt and I have never had that before. But I mean, come on. The gel is stripping layers upon layers or stains accrued over God knows how many years so it’s kinda to be expected. The desensitizing gel helps, though, and the sensitivity goes away after a little while. Mine lasted for a few days – so I started to do the whitening last thing before bed every few days to give my teeth a break but also to make sure I wasn’t exposing them to anything that might cause them to… well, sting.


Besides, the hardest part about the whole process is remembering on what side of the trays to spread the whitening gel. Hint: It’s the front, Katja. It’s the front.



Anyway, I digress. The whole point of this experiment was to feel better about the state of my choppers and give my confidence a bit of a boost – so the question is, did Smile Brilliant products help with that?


Well, I think it’s first important to state the two obvious things: first, it does work, it does strip the stains off your teeth and make your choppers whiter, like a lot. Second, obviously my teeth remain as wonky as they were in the start of this process – that’s something I’ve learned to accept.



But – having a whiter choppers definitely makes me feel better about smiling. It’s weird – like the whiter my teeth, the straighter they seem? That’s probably some kind of an optical illusion but who cares!?! Like, it could be pure evil witchcraft and I’d be happy with it. I do feel more confident in my whiter smile, I don’t feel like I need to hide my teeth anymore. And that’s pretty awesome, huh?



So yeah – would I recommend the product? I would. It’s the tiny things that make us feel comfortable in our own skin and love our bodies, and if having a whiter smile is one of those things for you, you should totally go for it. I mean, there’s never too much smiling in the world, is there?



You read all this way, so I think it’s safe to say you’re interested in the product. Well, good news, honey! I have my own 15% off coupon code (katnapped15) if you just wanna straight up get it… but even better news is that there’s a Giveaway too. Just clickety-click your way to this link:, fill in the form and off you go. Good luck beaut.


Give the Smile Brilliant guys some online love, alright?




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  • Your teeth look different, I see it! Looks like a convenient way to whiten the teeth from the comfort of your home… I always get jealous of white pearl teeth I can’t have as a heavy tea drinker and sweets eater 🙂

  • Lara Oliveira

    Good to know it works and didn’t make your teeth too sensitive! My husband tried hiSmile recently and saw very minimal results. As a coffee drinker, I’m going to have to give this a try! x

  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    Good to know you like the outcome… As much as we should love our flaws, we should also make do with little things that make us feel better with our

  • Kanishka Acharya

    It is so good that the product worked brilliantly on you and helped with your self confidence! I have always been skeptical of these kind of whitening products and mostly go for natural remedies but this review really makes me want to give it a try.

  • How cool! I’m always skeptical of stuff like this until I read a review from a blogger. 😉 So worth it if it boosts your confidence. xoxo

  • Rebecca

    thank you for the detailed description of the process – I’m pleased to see it’s worked well for you – and I’m even more pleased to hear more about how it’s helped your confidence about your smile 🙂

  • This is such a great post!! Your smile is such a key feature – I think that it’s great that you’ve decided to bolster your confidence with this whitening system. I’m lucky that I’ve always had quite white teeth (although I did suffer through years of braces so I feel your pain on the orthodontics!) but I’m still partial to whitening them and keeping them bright. I will have to look into the Smile system! Charlie xo