Six things I’m looking forward to this Christmas

I don’t like the festive season stuffed down my throat for months on end but once we go past the first advent and hit December it’s all system go and BRING IT ON PLEASE. Now the big day is almost here and I can unashamedly be excited about Christmas. It’s all jingle bells and lights and mulled wine from here on.


What am I most looking forward to this Christmas? I’m glad you asked.




Christmas Markets

I love love love Christmas markets! I don;’t even care if it’s pouring rain and I’m hit by gale winds, they still make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Get some mulled wine in me stat! I try and buy as many presents from the markets as I can because it’s nice to support independent merchants and they usually have awesome stuff you just can’t get on the high street.





Speaking of presents, I love giving them. Who am I kidding, I love receiving them as well but I really love finding that perfect pressie for a loved one. Obviously, Christmas isn’t all about presents but there’s something really magical about seeing them open a present you’ve lovingly chosen and hoping they think it’s boss. I also love wrapping presents.




Christmas gingerbread cookies

Making gingerbread cookies used to be a tradition in my family, everyone getting together and making the dough, cutting the cookies and baking them. That’s when I knew it was Christmas for sure. I actually miss this tradition and if hubby and I ever have kids I’ll definitely continue it with them. I mean, what’s more Christmassy than the gentle scent of gingerbread.




Christmas Decorations

There’s a fine line with decorating your house ready for Christmas and causing by-passers have epileptic seizures. I’m not down with having flashing lights and stuffing every available inch with any old tat, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some decorations. Christmas tree, some wreaths, stockings, that sort of stuff. Which brings me to…





I mean seriously, if you want to set the mood for Christmas all you gotta do is light some candles and hey presto! Festive spirit galore.




Christmas dinner

OK I’ll confess – I much prefer the Scandinavian Christmas dinner to the British one. Sorry guys. It’s just… the British one feels more like an extended Sunday roast. The Scandinavian Christmas dinner is something you wouldn’t have at any other time in the year. Well, most of it. Some of the casseroles are feasted on all year around but the salted ham and the accompaniments are very much a once-a-year kinda deal. I still enjoy both, very much, because the best thing about Christmas is eating your own bodyweight in food and then having a semi-coma on the sofa while some cheesy Christmas movie is on.


What are you looking forward to this festive season? Tell me all about it.

  • jiashengyeap

    Too sad I’m having Christmas in an all year summer country. Desperate to feel the vibe of Christmas!

  • I adore Christmas, and this has just accelerated my excitement. I am very much looking forward to the family meals, christmas carolling and just the festive feeling over all!

  • I love everything in your list! I love doing Christmas decoration and cooking all the Christmas sweets with my mother. I do really enjoy the simple things though. And of course, buying the presents is my favorite thing this time of the year!

  • Samantha O’Brian Summers

    Can you believe that I have never in my life made gingerbread cookies? It is a shame because I love them. This is fantastic and I agree with you every step of the way.

  • Hannah Chau

    I don’t think I have had a goner bread man yet!! Oh I seriously look forward to that (and everything else about Christmas too!)

  • This Curvy Life

    LOL I love the sound of that meal! I love the music, lights and festive spirit of people around this time of year!

  • I’m looking forward to watching Christmas movies and having a Christmas brunch at my house on Christmas morning (complete with a mimosa bar)! This time of year is my absolute fave. 🙂

  • Tadeja Umek

    I love everything that you’ve listed above. I’m all about the festive spirit – bring out the candles and gingerbread cookie, and hell yeah, bring out the mulled wine. 😀

  • I am looking forward to some down time . Away from social media but time focusing on taking care of me.

  • Christmas is one of those times of year that causes me more stress than I need, but I have to admit I love gingerbread everything and candles throughout the wintery season. Great post =^.^=

  • I genuinely loled when you wrote presents. Damn yeah! I’m sick of people pretending that they don’t like gifts! Gifts are something we’re very fortunate to have – to give and receive – so why not looking forward to this? 🙂

  • Oh love this! You write very good 🙂 I can’t wait for decorating this weekend and visiting some Christmas markets!

  • I am looking forward to all of them too! I still need to find a great xmas market to go to!

  • We have a Christmas market where I live so hoping to head in this week or next but have heard that there is plenty of eats to be had there too. Oh I hear you on the lights, I do like to decorate for Christmas but some people go over the top, do they actually think it looks nice?! Good list of Christmas faves

  • Totally feeling these Christmas vibes! Happy holidays from across the pond.

  • Jasmin N

    These are so wonderful things! I should definitely pop over at the Christmas Market someday soon 🙂

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • “…causing by-passers have epileptic seizures”!! This was hilarious! I’m still laughing! Yep, Christmas time is pretty much everything you mentioned and lots of love and kindness! I wish you happy holidays dear!