The best pancakes in Upton


It’s been almost 18 months to the day since hubby and I upped sticks from Hoole and landed in Upton, this leafy, chilled suburb in Chester. It’s our first very own home and whereas moving there was something of a nightmare (I ranted about that HERE) we’re proper settled now and it’s all kinds of awesome. Home ownership, yo. We’re adulting like crazy.


But home isn’t just where I lay my hat, home extends outside the confinements of the four walls I own. So apart from having awesome neighbours who randomly end up in our living room chatting rubbish into the late hours of the night while binging on RuPaul we also need some seriously supreme surroundings to roam in.



Enter the Russian Pancake Café just around the corner. I remember driving by it a few times when we were inspecting the area before we moved in and the minute the last moving box hit the floor we were out to test the waters there. Because come on, who doesn’t like pancakes? Especially in the middle of a move, in order to avoid unpacking.


I’d had not had Russian style pancakes ever beforein my life, but spoiler alert: they’re blooming marvellous. As is where they’re served.


I mean yeah, I am a sucker for quirky cafés, but this place is something else. I like fancy tea sets and Russian paraphilia as much as the other guy but even my eclectic senses are overwhelmed here. It’s not a bad thing, though. It all kinda fits in and gives this place character. It’s like stepping into some funky Russian multiverse as soon as you’re through the door.



Then there’s the small matter of the menu. Except there’s nothing small about it. It’s pancakes a thousand ways: sweet or savoury, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for mains or dessert. It’s smoked salmon with mascarpone and caviar. It’s cheese and bacon. It’s fruits of all kinds, chocolate and glazed banana.


Probably needless to say smoked salmon with mascarpone and caviar is what I crave at all hours on the day. It’s fantastic. I have no words. It’s almost embarrassing how quickly I wolf this down because it’s just so NOM I have to consume it all immediately. What’s also a little embarrassing is that every time we go I pretend to mull over the menu so that no one realises that I am going to order the same again. It’s at a point where they now ask “the usual?” when I walk in.



I can live with it though.


Hubby has tried all the other kinds and lets me taste his (even if begrudgingly) so I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the workings of the menu. And the verdict is this: it’s all good. It’s at different levels of good but I’d have all of it again. If I wasn’t having the smoked salmon one. Which is somewhat unlikely to happen.



So yeah, if you live in the area and haven’t been into the Russian Pancake Café you haven’t lived. For reals.


Give these guys some online love, pronto!



P.S they also have smoked Russian tea, fresh cakes and bacon butties. Just so you know.

  • Oindrila Sengupta

    Now that I have seen this post and the pictures, I can’t stop myself from drooling!! I mean, look at those pancakes! They look delicious. 😀


  • I have never ever had caviar before! This type of things seems way more luxurious than my usual lemon and sugar pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    Lol at ‘you haven’t lived’ …i love pancakes and this really does look appealing tho’..The cafe looks convenient too

  • So delicious! Suddenly i feel so hungry! Wish he had a place like this in my small town. Great presentation Katja!

  • headup gorgeous

    OMG! Why I am reading this now ! I am starving 😀 It looooks amazing !!! I want them now ..

  • Looks delicious! I love pancakes and I tend to keep it simple with just maple syrup, but those look divine!

  • Zana Djakovic

    Looks amazing. Never tried Russian pancakes. 🙂