Friday like you mean it


OK, I have a confession: I am a sucker for a cocktail on a Friday night. Well, truth be told, I’m a sucker for a cocktail any given night and even the odd afternoon but especially on Friday nights because it’s the end of my working week and I bloody well deserve one.



Oh, you do too, darling. Right after I’ve got a glass in my hand and my jolly behind is parked in a comfy seat.


I have a few rules for a night of cocktails: they must be consumed in good company and there must be plenty of them. That’s it, really. If they don’t break the bank would be an absolute added bonus but mixology is an art form and I appreciate that you get what you pay for: you can double up for an extra quid or you can have an absolute masterpiece in your hand – and never shall these two extremes meet in the same glass.



Except they kind of do.


I mean, when your first drink is on the house and a few sneaky free cocktail samples find their way to your table, that totally counts, right?


Of course it does.


Last week, Revolution bars launched their “Friday like you earned it” (or Fri-Yay for short) which basically means your first round is on them, and you can count on some complimentary nachos and drinks samples too.


Free is much better than inexpensive, right? Right.



And that’s exactly what hubby and I thought last weekend. So we got ourselves on the guest list and hit town with a thirst for some cocktails and sneaky treats.


I remember the Revolution bar in Chester from way back when it first opened and I used to work just across the road from it. It may be almost a decade ago but I remember the crazy pitchers and 2-4-1 cocktails and the endless shots. My team hit the place at bang on 5pm every Friday without fail and I don’t think we ever left before midnight. We were on first-name basis with the bar staff. It was a crazy time.



I vaguely remember Revs (that’s what we used to call it) running a similar offer (Company of the Week or something) back then but I couldn’t tell you the exact details of it, it was a long time and many a cocktail ago. So let’s stick to the here and now, shall we?



So all you gotta do is get in touch with them to get yourself on their guest list and then rock up on the day and collect your drinks vouchers from the staff. For your free round, you can have a single house spirit and mixer, medium glass of wine, pint of Amstel or Magners or a Single Revolution flavoured vodka with a mixer. Nom nom nom.


What cocktail samples they’ll whisk up is anyone’s guess, but hubby and I got to taste their mojitos and chocolate vodka milkshakes, and take it from me, they were pretty spectacular. As were the mini burgers that found their way to our table. Double nom.



“Friday like you earned it”? More like “Friday like you mean it”. Every Friday, 5-8pm. You should go.


Give Revolution Chester some on-line love, y’all.



  • Caitlin Johnson

    Whoa, that sounds really fun!! What a good idea! Also, lovee that I heart Vodka graphic <3 cheers!

  • I love vodka revs. revolution! the mojitos there are amazing. I always finish off my Fridays and Sunday nights with a drink.

  • Wow looks really good plan I need to visit one of these days because it looks delicious!!!

  • These look so delicious! I love a good cocktail at the end of the week

  • Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi

    Friday cocktail is a must for me! With good friends of course… fun insured!

  • Tanya Finks

    You had me at Friday. Seriously, though, this place sounds awesome. And it sounds like you’ve had your fair share of fun there! 🙂

  • Happy hours are the best! When i was working in the office he had a Friday evening and a Wednesday afternoon routine for dinner and drinks.

  • Zana Djakovic

    Lovely post, dear! I love cocktails too but I don’t drink them anymore, I prefer wine. 😀

  • happy nami

    This is awesome! I was in Budapest recently and went out one evening and had a few amazingly delicious cocktails – I almost forgot how much I like them. 😀


  • What a great offer! I used to go Revolution at university all the time. Great prices!

  • Hannah Chau

    What!!! They are treating people for drinks on Friday? How brilliant is that?? The cocktails look delicious!

  • Shannon Graham

    I would love to check this place out. It looks very fun and relaxing.

  • Dawn Wairimu

    this is the perfect girls night out spot! the drinks look incredible. happy hour is much needed!

  • Cocktail nights with good company time to time are great. 🙂 I used to have plenty of those when I was single. Nowadays my Friday night is more likely including just healthy food, gym and sleeping haha!

    Nora /

  • Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

    Sharing a cocktail with good friends on a Friday night to celebrate the begining of the weekend, or rather the end of the workweek, is always a good idea. Love the idea “Friday like you earned it”. I totally deserve a free cocktail on Fridays! 😉

  • Emmanuel Damian

    Who doesn’t love a good cocktail on a Friday night? The place looks really cozy and the drinks look so good.

  • Cristina Leau

    Those drinks looks amazing. I found out that I like vodka as well :)) especially vodka with pickle juice

  • Nancy

    Am totally digging the interior eco and the branding material of Revolution! How´s their food?

  • Lynnette Joselly

    Free drink tickets? Now this is my kind of Happy Hour! TGIF

  • I love revolution! When I was living in Edinburgh and Glasgow, I was always going! Mojito all the way! all the drinks look amazing!

  • Oh my gosh, all those drinks look delicious. I would love to check this place out one day.

  • Jamie M. Causer Nicholls

    The atmosphere looks so welcoming and cozy! This is definitely a place I would consider stopping by for a cocktail.

  • Katja Knox

    Every day is Friday! Kind of. You know what I mean.

  • Jen Sky Walker

    Wow! I’m impressed that they start you off for free! I’m a cocktail person myself and they do get expensive! I agree, it is well worth it though!

    • Katja Knox

      It’s a great start for the night, a real good base to continue from 😀 Their cocktails are pretty fab, for sure. Their homemade shot-tails almost better 😀

  • This looks like so much fun! I love Happy Hour and how great is it that they give you free coupons! I hope to visit someday.

    • Katja Knox

      If you’re in their neck of the woods hit them up girl! 🙂

  • Robin Rue

    Ok, Revolution Chester totally sounds like my kind of place. Look at all the options they have!!

    • Katja Knox

      Their espresso martini is like heaven, I’m telling you right now! 🙂