Beer lovers in Tampere, Finland must visit here


Okay so it’s not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, Plevna opened way back in the beginning of 90s, but it still makes it new to us who do not have the fortune of living within walking/driving distance of it.



But let’s start from the beginning. Hubby and I visit Tampere every so often (we try to make it a bi-annual affair) because my big bro and his family live there. And it’s because of my big bro that I came across this Brewery Pub & Restaurant in the first place. Namely, because he was the one who hyped it up to me. And hyped up I was.



I’m sure by now everyone and their uncle knows that beer is what makes hubby and I tick. It plays a massive part in our lives and was our first love. So telling us about a brewery pub with a gazillion different beers and grub to die for had only one possible result: visiting this presumed oasis of all things ale post haste.



First thing you need to know about Plevna is that they have found a way to create an effortless fusion of German influence and something unmistakably Tampere-like. Their waitresses wear dirndl’s ( traditional feminine dress worn in Austria, South Tyrol, and Bavaria) and serve you “mustamakkara”, a black pudding sausage with lingonberry sauce and mashed potatoes.



I know what it sounds like guys but it’s delicious, it’s traditional and so, so local, and if you don’t have any you’re totally missing out. Trust me on this.



And what about the beer? Well, the good news is, there’s loads of it. The bad news is, there’s so much of it you have to try and navigate your way through it all to create your very own beery pick and mix or accept the impending intoxication and embrace it. Lucky Hubby and I have always been cuddlers.



From wheat beer, to imperial stout, to German-style pils, to smoked beer to mead, Plevna takes you on an around-the-world kind of journey through different beer styles, all brewed in their on-site brewery. It’s all fresh, it’s all delicious and it definitely gets you adequately buzzed.



Tampere folk are known for their jovial nature and you’re bound to get a bit jovial yourself in Plevna. I mean, if great grub and badass beers don’t fill you with the joys of life… who am I kidding, of course they do!



Go forth and be merry, beer lovers. Give Plevna some love online, yo.


  • Perla

    Those sausages look like the sausages my grandpa used to make in the wintertime around Christmas. They were soooo delicious and I’m sure those in Tampere were too. Look forward to visit this city.

  • Katrina Honer

    Love this looks like beer heaven! Would love to sample some!

  • Is it black pudding in sausage or just a black pudding sausage? Not that it makes a difference because i don’t like the stuff, but colour me curious!

  • Jasmin N

    Oh that place looks great and it’s only 1,5h train trip away 🙂 I’ve changed trains there in Tampere so many times when going to my mum’s to Pori so maybe I’ll stop by this one and feel the atmosphere one day 🙂

  • This wood for the interior is so nice, Plevna seems like a super place for good beer and food. I think I know how those feminine dresses from Austria look, it’s a really cool idea since it’s so traditional.
    B, xx |

  • David Elliott

    I am always up for trying out local fare. And this place looks good and the food looks good too, even if it does sound a bit strange. I think trying out new things is all part of the journey. I will have to check this out if I am ever out there.

  • So much fun to go out and try new places and new beer!