It’s official: pins are cool again

Alright folks, newsflash: pins are cool again.


You heard me. We all remember the 90’s when literally everyone was covered head-to-toe with pins – band pins, fan pins, statement pins, those tacky “peace” signs… it was a question of quantity over quality. I remember having a little machine with which to actually make my own. It was the done thing and it was cool.



In the noughties the pin suffered a massive decline and it seemed the trend crawled into a hole and died a quiet death. But as many things in the world of “what’s hot and what’s not”, they were given the kiss of life and are now topping the charts again.


Why, you might ask. Well, I blame the popularity of emojis as a communication tool. I mean if we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, none of sends a single PM or DM or WhatsApp message without a row of the little beggars. They’re fast replacing actual words. Like, who bothers typing “OK I’ll see you there” or “I agree” when a simple “👍” suffices? Or “This makes me happy” or “that’s cool” when you can just tap “😊”? You see where I’m going with this.



With their revival the pins are also experienced a bit of a revamp and unlike their clunky and unrefined predecessors, they’re now slick and sleek and make modern and relatable statements and are an easy way show off your individual style.


How do I know? Well, partly because obviously I’m on the cutting edge of fashion (yeah I heard what I said and I’m running with it anyway) and because the jolly fellows at Old English Co gave me a heads up about the new additions to their enamel pin range. I mean their existing range of pins is already super cute, but the new ones are like a cherry on top.



If you’re wondering how to wear them, the answer is: Lots of different ways! Go old-school and fill your bag and coat collars with dozens of them, or choose one that resonates with you and keep it on your beanie, your shirt, where ever. If you’re stuck, look no further than Pinterest or Instagram to see how others are rocking them.


And hey, the guys at Old English Co are running a little competition to celebrate the new additions to their enamel pin range, giving you the chance to win a set of selected enamel pins. Fancy starting your collection with three brand-spanking new ones? Here’s yer change.


Clickety-click your way HERE and good luck!

  • These are supper cute, especially love the ones with coffee! <3 <3 <3 And my goodness, such a 90s nostalgia! Xx