Pillow talk: 5 things I want in my bedroom








So the valuation of our new place came through and it’s good news! We’re getting a banging deal on the flat and are one step closer to actually getting our sh*t together and moving. When I say moving, I mean packing. And when I say packing, I mean planning on what to pack because the speed this purchase is going, we’re not going anywhere before February.


I knew that buying a property is a long process but I did not know it would take months upon months upon months! In the spirit of full disclosure I should probably mention that I suffer from a severe lack of patience so when things go slow I get antsy and frustrated. Hubby usually gets the brunt end of it but he’s devised a great distraction method: he gets me planning. When I’m planning I don’t notice time passing by and I don’t get frustrated that it’s not passing to my beat. Clever, huh?


Obviously, this time I’m planning how to decorate the most important room of the house; the bedroom. To hubby it’s the kitchen and to a degree he can go nuts there (it’s his domain after all) but a bedroom should be a super comfortable sanctuary and a refuge from the outside world. Basically, think of a glorified fort and I was amazing at making forts when I was little.


Here’s my wish list for bedroom décor to die for:


1. Warm colours

I wanna feel warm and cosy in my bedroom so cold and cool colours are a massive no-no. The current trend seems to be to use cool blues and cold greys and whereas I’ve got nothing against them as colours I don’t particularly want to decorate my bedroom with the. Give me reds and browns and I’ll go crazy with them.


2. Natural light

I don’t know about you but I wake up much better to natural light than to either a deep dark or artificial lighting. The easiest way to get lots and lots of natural light is to have big windows. Luckily my future bedroom already has these so I don’t need to figure out how to decorate small windows into larger ones. The windows just need dressing up, which brings me to…


3. Shade

Obviously windows need curtains and blinds and stuff because too much natural light is just that; too much. But no one said that practical things can’t be pretty (and if they did they were wrong) so I want my curtains to be like a crown for the windows! Lots of heavy warm fabrics in deep, toasty colours.


4. Bedding

If the bedroom is a sanctuary, the bed is its heart. So aside from a super comfy mattress and a fabulous frame the bed needs to be dressed to the nines! I’m talking luscious linens, sassy silks and charming cottons. I WANT IT ALL, and I want lots of it, in all the colours under the sun. KTHXBAI.


5.The elephant in the (bed)room

This is a subject of constant (and usually heated) debate, I know, but let me tell you where I’m at. NO TV IN THE BEDROOM. I mean, the bedroom is not just for sleeping but it shouldn’t be for channel hopping. Lucky hubby agrees with me so we are not going to put a TV in the bedroom to disturb our zen.


Have you big plans for bedroom decorating? Tell me all about it.


  • Natural light is a must! I’m always wanting to update the rooms in our home 🙂

  • Planning for a new home is wonderful isn’t it? I create lists on lists on lists on lists, planning and decorating in my head when I’m not anywhere near actually getting my own place. I hope the purchasing process speeds along for you!

  • I also would like to have warmer colours. By bedroom now is pretty cool-ish. I do have natural light but I don’t have darkening curtains, only light see-through ones. I got some great inspiration from your blogpost!

  • Lots of lovely photos there for inspiration, definitely think that having natural light is so much better than artificial. We have a window on two sides of our bedroom so the light is pretty good there. I used to be against having a tv in the bedroom when we first moved in here but I gave in & I find it helps me sleep while watching it 🙂

  • I’m a sucker for interior… I dream of the day I will have my own house to decorate!!! Completely agree on point 5; TV in the bedroom makes it feel as impersonal as a hotel room can get. And who wants to watch tv in the bedroom anyway?

    I am more into nordic style, so I prefer grey/black hues, but I am intrigued to see how this warm color idea could look!! Good luck!


  • I’m in total agreement when it comes to natural light. I despise artificial light or yellow tinted light. I think it’s really interesting how you said you tend towards warm colors instead of cool tones in terms of color palette, and can’t wait to see what you do with it! 🙂

  • Wonderful wishlist, eehhhmmm….I want this all too. I love the chair that put the front of the bed, looks romantic and classy. These are really amazing inspiration. Thanks for sharing babe.

    Kintan XO.

  • Jasmin N

    Natural light in the bedroom is absolutely a must thing to have! 😀 Sadly there’s not much of it during this time of the year but we’re getting there haha 😀

    ~ Jasmin N

  • Ron

    I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of work but it’ll also be rewarding. The photos are great inspiration! I personally like the third one. Ah! I gotta redecorate soon! Hope all goes well, Katja!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer