Around the world at dinner – Panda Mami Chester review


Way back when it still used to be tucked neatly away on Newgate Street in Chester, I used to absolutely love Buffet City. I mean who doesn’t crave for an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet every now and again? So when Buffet City was no more I felt like there was a restaurant sized hole in my culinary choices in my fair city. I think hubby was more upset than I was based on how often he mentioned how much it sucked we’d lost our favourite buffet – but we were both more than a little in a huff about it.



Fast forward a few years and a bunch of prayers to the gods of cuisine, and along came Panda Mami.



This place takes the buffet dining experience seriously. It’s not just your bog standard Chinese dishes in the all-you-can-eat format, it’s 120 different dishes from around the world. You’ve got the choice of indulging in Indian, Thai or Chinese cuisine, you’ve got sushi. Seriously. All you can eat sushi. I may just die happy now.



And if that’s not your bag, there’s soups, salads, pizza and a more traditional carvery with Yorkshire puds and all the trimmings on offer as well.



But in case all things exotic are your thing, make sure you you try some of the dim sum (it’s amazing) and go at least once to the teppanyaki station, where your steaks, lamb, seafood and veggies are grilled and spiced right in front of you by a chef who chops and flavours stuff so fast and efficient it’s like it’s going out of fashion.



A rooky mistake would be to fill up on all the superb mains or starters available, and not leave room for dessert. Because dude, they have a chocolate fountain and marshmallows. I mean they have cakes, jellies, fruits and about a zillion others things too but they have a have a chocolate fountain and marshmallows. If that doesn’t convince you to pay them a visit, nothing will.



Back in the day, when Buffet City ruled roost, the place looked like a school diner and whereas the food was aplenty, it was a very generic Chinese buffet without any airs or graces. Panda Mami, on the other hand, has invested in atmosphere, comfortable seating, stylish décor and most importantly, very friendly and professional staff who make you feel looked after without imposing on your dining experience in any way. They seem to have a knack of always being there when they are needed and not when you just wanna chill and chat to your dining companions.



So yeah. I really like the concept and I really like the execution. Panda Mami doesn’t feel like a buffet, it feels like a proper restaurant, but it still has that super chilled out atmosphere. Oh, and the food is delish. Trust me on this, I tried all of it. And then had seconds 😁


You can check out their website HERE and their menu and prices HERE.


  • They sure have a huge selection of food! And everything looks so good as well. This place is a must try!

  • Those foods are so tempting. I wish I could have those sweets and the sushi as well. The photos are impressive. All those foods are mouth watering. You are very lucky to have a taste even a little bit of each one of those food.

  • Everything looks delicious! I love that they offered a chocolate fountain as well

  • So much food!! This post is making me really hungry 🙂

  • This restaurant looks so good! It has what looks to be great decor and great tasting food of all sorts!

  • This place looks like it has some seriously good eats! Will definitely check it out if I am ever in the area!

  • Wow, all the sushi looks so great! And the desserts! YUM

  • When I lived in Texas there was a place that my best friend and I liked to go to that worked a lot like this. We were drawn to it because it made us feel like we were at a regular sit down restaurant not a buffet! I really want to see this place though, that sushi looks divine!

  • Kaitlyn

    This is seriously making me so hungry! I haven’t had sushi in so long and it makes me sad. Great post!


  • That food looks really delicious! I’m not very keen on sushi but everything else looks and sounds amazing. Having a chocolate fountain for a dessert is definitely a positive 🙂

  • These is looks amazing and I love Chinese buffet too. As they mixed with all foods from around South East Asia included some of my country too.
    Looks like that you had enjoyed so much those buffet. 🙂

  • craving for some veggie sushis now!! been such a long time since I haven’t have them!
    thanks for sharing!
    xo, Margot

  • thi

    Omg the sushi looks deliciously fresh! And CHOCOLATE fountain?! I love sweets! xoxo

  • the sushi looks great – really fresh! but it doesn’t look quite as good as the chocolate fountain!!!!

  • Oh my goodness, I want to check this out! Imagine being able to choose what type of food from any country you want to try! Great photos and review! I’m hungry now. lol

  • The food looks so yummy! 🙂

  • This looks & sounds like a lovely little restaurant! The chill atmosphere can be felt through the pictures. I’m not a fan of Chinese food but my husband would probably love this place haha 😀

  • Oh my gosh the food looks so good! I wish we had one those here…I love that it doesn’t feel like just another buffet!

  • Iga

    Gosh, it’s making me so hungry right now! I am straight after the work out so I would not say no to Panda Mami. Thank you for visiting me on Best Wishes and a Happy New Year, Iga x

  • julie porter

    That place is seriously huge! The sheer amount and array of food is amazing. If you tried it all and had second, I don’t know how you were able to walk out of there when you were done!

  • Ron

    Looks and sounds great! We have a similar place close by and I eat well when we find ourselves there. Oh and my favorites are dim sum, sushi, and some seafood like crab legs, mussels, oysters, and the such. Bon appétit!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  • Wow! So many lovely yummy food.. I’d love to go and dine and eat all the food…

  • I’m such a foodie lol this place looks amazing! The food looks delicious thanks for all the great pics!!

  • Now that is a buffet! That place looks amazing! Might have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

  • I love those conveyor belts! And that XMAS tree just made me really sad- haha!

  • George

    Any restaurant with the name Panda is worth visiting. The food looks very fresh, especially the sushi!

  • Oh yum! That was not a good post to read while on a cleanse!

  • What a fun place! I would like to check it out. Everything looks delicious.

  • Now I am craving sushi!!


  • Panda Mami looks like a great place to go, not only because there are choices suitable for just about everyone, but because they did invest so strongly in making sure it was a great place to be. The chocolate fountain was beautiful too, but you had me a Teppanyaki.

  • robin masshole mommy

    The food there looks amazing. This sounds like a wonderful place to eat.

  • I’m hungry right now!
    The food looks amazing 🙂

  • All I see is amazing food and I want some! I wish we had something amazing like that here in Canada. More specifically in Ottawa! Maybe it’s time to travel.