Chester Beer Awards 2017


  The top of the hops in the Chester beer scene were given recognition this Saturday in the second annual Chester Beer Awards, my favourite event of the year. Okay, I am a little biased on this and it’s purely because it’s my very own creation.   When hubby and I last year envisaged an award event to really recognize…

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Five H&M fashion finds under £20


I’m into frugal fashion. I want to look a million bucks but only spend like twenty, and still have change for a pint after an exhaustive shopping spree. So finding these super fancy fashion items in H&M for less than that is pretty awesome. You’re all welcome 😉     Superstretch treggings – £12.99 Treggings  is where it’s at right…

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Meet the mighty Moose Coffee


  Every time I pop over the Mersey to Liverpool or move around in Manchester, I just have to head over to Moose Coffee. It’s not negotiable. It’s a tradition that cannot be broken.     The reason is very simple. Their food is blooming amazing and they probably have the best cup of coffee in the North of England.…

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Wildly Different – Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf


  If you’re a beer geek, just the name Wild Beer will get you at least a little excited. And a place where you can drink all the Wild Beer you can handle will probably make you pop. And the thought of Wild Beer, 22 draft beers, and a bucket load of bottles and cans in one place might just…

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Around the world at dinner – Panda Mami Chester review


  Way back when it still used to be tucked neatly away on Newgate Street in Chester, I used to absolutely love Buffet City. I mean who doesn’t crave for an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet every now and again? So when Buffet City was no more I felt like there was a restaurant sized hole in my culinary choices in my…

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5 tips to get more out of your travel money


  Alright, I know it’s barely 2017 but I’m already planning all the holidays hubby and I are going to be taking this year. Firstly, obviously, is the long overdue return to the motherland. I haven’t had a chance to visit Finland for two years now, and that is two years too many if you ask my momma or my…

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Breakfast pit stop: Loving the Edinburgh Larder


  Right. This post is unashamedly basking in the glorious light that is The Edinburgh Larder. The breakfast game is strong with these guys and I’ll tell you exactly why.   Launched in 2009, The Edinburgh Larder Café professes to love making homemade granola, porridge cooked to order with a selection of toppings, or wedges of toast with homemade jam.…

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None of this New Year, New Me b*llocks


  It’s a little belated, but Merry Christmas and a happy New Year y’all! You may have noticed I took a little break of blogging during the festive period and it was totally on purpose. No, it really was – I needed a break from the computer and wanted to concentrate on friends, family and festivities for a few days…

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