OOTD – How to wear Pusheen when you’re 30+


“You should dress your age” they say and I totally agree, as long as it’s the age of “I’ll wear whatever the f*ck I want”.


In my 30+ years I have not learned to give two hoots about what other people think I should wear or how, and I don’t intend to start now. If anything, I’m even more sure that I’ll wear whatever I think is comfortable or fabulous and if it happens that a Pusheen t-shirt is both then so be it.


So here I am, looking incredibly uncomfortable for the camera, but happily posing with my fabulous Pusheen t-shirt, on my way to a beer festival. Because wearing “kids” things is fun but I’ll still opt for my adult privileges, thank you very much.


Pusheen is paired here with some ripped jeans and gladiator sandals, which probably tones down the child-like fancies of the t-shirt. But, I wore it the next day with some black leggings and converses and felt like a billion bucks, so there.


I think we all need more Pusheen in our lives ❤


Oh, and I also got to wear my absolute favourite thing in my wardrobe right now and that is my embroided bomber. This jacket is life, you guys. It’s a light summer jacket that totally holds its own against the ghastly, autumnal weather we’ve been having of late too. And it goes with everything! I wore it to the races not long ago over a black jumpsuit and I thought I was the fanciest champagne over-indulger there! I used my 10% new customer discount on it on SimplyBe – and you can too if you sign up for an account.


Anyway – yeah, dya like? I like.


What I’m wearing:

Pusheen Blogger t-shirt – Primark | Black Distressed Jeans – SimplyBe | Sole Diva Gladiator Sandals | Simply Be Embroided Bomber | Bag – Primark | Aviators – Primark

  • Your outfit is super cute, I believe that Pusheen is meant for everyone! I’ve been meaning to buy some gladiators this Summer, but since the season is ending, maybe I can catch some discount!
    B, xx | http://www.queenbsdiary.com/

  • You look fantastic. I am 35 and would totally wear this outfit. I think you look fantastic.

  • I love this little cute cat and i would be proud to wear it no matter what my age would be. You look fantastic, your outfit is gorgeous, simple and yet stylish!

  • Chloe

    Hi, I love your tee. Age shouldn’t define what you wear its what you feel comfortable in.

  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    Ahhh…would totally rock this tee if I had it…it looks lovely

  • Yes!! Love your perspective. Keep working it!! That jacket is fab, the shirt is fab, the person wearing the shirt is fabulous. Keep rockin!