None of this New Year, New Me b*llocks


It’s a little belated, but Merry Christmas and a happy New Year y’all! You may have noticed I took a little break of blogging during the festive period and it was totally on purpose. No, it really was – I needed a break from the computer and wanted to concentrate on friends, family and festivities for a few days before getting back to the grind. So, here I am. Ta-daa


Anyway. It’s the New Year and my social media feeds are full of people declaring dibs on 2019 (“it’s gonna me MY year”) and deciding to completely renovate their lives or pledging their lives to the gym. And it’s the same every. Damn. Year.


And you know what? Setting yourself completely unrealistic goals is only going to make you crash and burn that much harder. I’m not saying anyone is the history of ever never stuck to their resolutions but the vast majority of us Jane or John Does’ will only crash and burn, then kick ourselves silly about it, feel really sorry for ourselves and then actually get into a worse state (whatever it is) than when we started this gruelling process.


So I’ll tell you what. B*llocks to that. I was fabulous last year (I don’t care what anyone says) and I intend to be equally fabulous this year. The only changes I am making are things that I do every year after indulging in ridiculous amounts of chocolate, beer, wine, turkey, what have you.


I swear I’ve put on like a stone and then some but it was totally worth it, even if my clothes do not agree with my waistline anymore.


So here is what I hope to do this year – but I’m not promising anything 😄


  • Get healthier (not skinnier). I don’t care about being skinny but boy, am I craving for fruit and vegetables right now. After a few weeks on pure protein and spuds I am ready for some healthier stuff. I know when I eat better I feel better so… bring it on!
  • Hoard less stuff. I do not need shoes with broken heels which were bought on a whim 5 years ago just in case one of these days I actually get them fixed. Right? Same goes for tops and shirts that have not come out from the closet for the past 2 years.
  • Stress Less. I have a horrible habit of taking work home with me – be it from the office or blogging or anything. I need to remember to take time off to just let my hair down and not be a “blogger” or an “editor” or a social media socialite. I need to eat some food or see hubby, and not just through a camera lens. For real.
  • On that note… spend more quality time with hubby. Because he is funny and adorable and he deserves my full attention when we hang out together.


New Year’s Resolutions should exponentially increase the quality of your life – not get you down. So b*llocks to that. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think making New Year’s resolutions is something no one should ever do – I just think it can very quickly turn into a Big Bad Wolf that keeps chasing you, and eating away at any pleasure you get out of achieving your goals. And I think no one needs another monster under their bed, stealing their beauty sleep. So if you want to make resolutions – make some – but give yourself a “get out of jail free” clause and above all, give yourself a break.


Did you make any resolutions for the New Year? Tell me all about them.


  • LOVE THIS!! I hate the new year new me bullshit! New year same old me. Maybe a slightly less annoying and thinner version but same old me.

  • I’m in the same mindset as you. This is the first year that I didn’t put any resolutions down. I have goals that I would like to accomplish this year but it won’t be horrible if I don’t meet them and they’re just in the back of my mind, waiting to be accomplished haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I love this post. I need to hoard less stuff. One of my projects this month is to declutter my room.

  • I love this post (and you’re writing style- you’re funny!!)! I totally need to hoard less stuff as well… I just moved to Toronto half a year ago with just two suitcases, and now I probably need like fifty suitcases to fit what I now own.

  • Good luck girl! I’m right there with ya!

  • Loved this, and love your mindset on the New Year resolutions. I have a couple goals, but I am definitely not going to let it ruin my year if I don’t succeed.

  • Love this xo

  • I have it too that I want to desperate eat healthy. I have been eating so much chocolate and other bad things haha! xo

  • Good points! I agree, any New Years Resolutions should help inspire you, not pressure you! Good luck 😉

  • Ron

    I agree with you, Katja. Keep on being fabulous. I think that having goals for the year is good but when to compeletely “re-invent” yourself, I think is somewhat unrealistic. Wishing you a great 2017!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  • Great goals, and good that you’re not putting any stress on yourself to fulfill them 🙂

  • Great goals. I think if doing New Years Resolutions they should be realistic and motivating. Last year I achieved almost all of my goals and this year I did plenty of realistic, measurable goals. And I’m already excited to achieve all of them! 🙂

    Nora /

  • Great goals!!

  • Such a fantastic post! I love your mindset! Can’t wait for more posts from you this year! xx

  • Love this. I did do resolutions this year, but they’re all things I want to do more of rather than less of, like take more everyday photos, write more letters etc!

  • I don’t make resolutions but I do use January as a date to check in on my goals. Some take longer than others – (been working on stopping fear from making my decisions since 2014) but have accomplished all the others I set!

    I think people are too hard on themselves and need to remember that “new you’s” happen when you’re ready to make changes, not when a calendar year changes! Happy new year x

  • I love this post, it is mostly similar to my resolutions 😀

  • Great post! You were really fabulous last year, girl! 🙂
    I have only one resolution this year. I just want to enjoy in everything that I do and to do everything that brings me happiness and joy. 🙂