New Christmas cocktail menu at the Red Door



My first memory of Red Door Chester is nearer to 5 years ago when hubby and I had just started dating and we happened by it by accident. Their bespoke liquors convinced us to stay all night and left us a little lightheaded the next day, but it was so worth it. I’ve followed the same pattern many a time since, finding myself in this cellar type bar for late night cocktails or their Pizza and Prosecco night and always had a blast. So when they got in touch and asked if I wanted to sample their new Christmas Cocktail menu I was totally game.


Night Before Christmas


The new menu puts a twist on some classic Christmas tipples… and how! The aptly named Night Before Christmas is a spin on the traditional eggnog with lashings of rum, cacao, egg whites and that classic Christmas favourite; mincemeat. Yup, you heard right. I wouldn’t have believed it ether unless I saw them mix it into the drink but you know what? It worked. It was tasty and creamy and smooth, with a spicy kick.




Spoiler alert, the second cocktail on the new menu was my favourite. Miracle on St John Street is a modern version of mulled wine, with sloe gin, malbec, orange juice, almond syrup and some cracking Christmas spices. I’m a massive sucker for mulled wine anyway but yeah, this was something special. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and definitely ready for the festive season.


Christmas Old Fasioned


Now, if there is one cocktail I’ve never been a big fan of, it’s an Old Fashioned. Hubby being an old barman I know it may be well loved by the drinkers but the staff may not always be so enthusiastic about making one – because they are so damn fiddly! And to be honest, I never had a taste for them. But Red Door has created their own version of this classic with Woodford Reserve, Christmas pudding syrup, some port and orange bitters. I have to admit I could be converted with this tipple. It was full of bitter, spice and all things nice. Sign me up for another one, folks.


Snow Globe


Mrs Clause has, apparently, declared her undying love to the next tipple on the list, the Snow Globe. I think maybe I expected it to be a creamy affair (on account of the name) but actually this tall drink is all kinds of fruity and fresh. Some sloe gin, Chambord, cranberry juice, plum bitters and what really makes this tipple festive: gingerbread syrup. It’s kind of odd, having all those fruity flavours and then finishing with a lingering gingerbread taste but… it works. Very festive.




The Christmas Cocktail menu is then finished off with something the Red Door call a Smoking Santa. Not smoking because it has anything smoky about it, but because it is served in a kettle with some dry ice. It’s the effect that’s smoky. The drink itself is sweet, with vodka, amaretto, cinnamon syrup, cranberry juice and a whole load of Christmas spices. The best thing about it is the kettle though, if I’m honest, because it has 5 drinks inside of it. Oh, I should have mentioned that the Smoking Santa is supposed to be shared. Or, you can part from £50 and have the whole kettle to yourself, whatever.


Even though I am against any holiday humdrum before we’re done with Halloween and Bonfire Night at the very least but I will always make an exception to the rule when it comes to drinks, and these festive fancies were superb. Add to that the kinda sexy, sleek look of the venue and you’ve got a top destination for all your Christmas party needs. Speaking of which, they have a new bar area at the back which can be reserved for any occasion, including the annual office knees-up. That’s also where to splendid Red Door sign is. Pretty smooth, eh?


Cheers Sam for inviting me along to try the new cocktail menu! I’ll definitely pop along closer to the festive season to have some more of them.


Have you been to the Red Door? Tell me all about it in the comments!  


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    greetings from Gidokblog

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  • analesha

    Omg the Mrs clause looks amazing. I love Christmas themed drinks. So clever x

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    Sabra of Great Green Heron

  • Maikelsworld

    These drinks mustve tasted so good!

  • I love cocktails ! Would defo love to try all of these out. How fab they have created a special christmas cocktail menu

  • Jasmin N

    Wow those all sounds so delicious & look good too 🙂 I’d go with the Smoky Santa like Karoliina hahah 😀

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