Is this the £10 dupe for Naked palettes?



If I told you there was a dupe for the almost £40 Naked palettes from Urban Decay that would part you with less money than your average Deliveroo order for one, would you spontaneously combust of sheer excitement? I know I would.


Now put down your pitchforks, UD puritans. I too am in love with the Naked palettes and pretty much with everything UD make – from packaging to product – but sometimes I fall short from the luxury brand prices. Like if (when) I prioritise my food and beer budget over my makeup budget. So if there is a product I can get for a fraction of the price that might approach the same heights of love and adoration I have for UD, I’m down.


Now, if you’re on the market for dupes, word on the street is that W7 has gained a bit of a reputation as the master of duping high end makeup. I mean let’s be real, there’s nothing new under the sun and everyone is re-inventing the same wheel all the time. Most drugstore brands dupe their high-end counterparts all. the. time. There’s no shame in that.


But what if I told you, that these drugstore versions are actually by brands that own the high-end lines? You heard me. Case and point: there is a drugstore makeup brand that manufactures not only its own products but products under names like Giorgio Armani, YSL, and Kératase. Prepare to be shocked: it’s L’Oreal.


Basically what I am saying is that if you’re a brand known for being a dupe, it’s not a mortal sin. And having said that, if you’re duping a £40 palette for £10, I will at least give them a go.


So let’s get down to business.



W7’s Beat It! and Smokin’ eye shadow palettes both have 12 powdered eye shadow shades and are coined as dupes for the Naked 2 and Naked Smoky palettes respectively. Colour-wise they’re proper dead ringers – perhaps not quite as smooth and sparkly as the UD versions but they’re not so far off that I would lose any sleep over it. W7 has packaged their products into somewhat rickety metal boxes but damn, they’re actually pretty cool and I definitely don’t need to worry about being heavy-handed with them.


And hey, the W7 eyeshadows are crazy pigmented. I would have forgiven the £10 dupes for having to apply them at least twice but nope, they come in full of pigment swagger and blend like a dream. The colours are silky and smooth and shimmering and basically a lot more than I expected from a palate I spent £10 on.


Final verdict? Yeah, when I’m feeling the pinch and my budget just will not spread to high-end makeup as well as my belly-related activities I’d always opt for W7. I have mad love for all thing UD but a girl’s gotta eat and drink and honestly, that’s more important to me than slathering my face with fancy warpaint. If I’m feeling flush, hells yeah am I hitting the UD counter hard but, you know. It’s quite reassuring knowing that my makeup game doesn’t have to unreasonable suffer if I’m not.


Have you tried the W7 dupes? Tell me if there’s others that stand up scrutiny!


Shop the W7  eyeshadow palettes for £9.95 each: Beat It! | Smokin’

  • The packaging looks fantastic and the colors look great. Now all I need is a stylist and make up artist and I’ll be set.

  • David Elliott

    I love the smoking palatte that you have here. I am not sure why. Something about the darker and mysterious shades seem more alluring to me.

  • Sondra Barker

    These are amazing, I want both. I love being able to have a good color selection. The containers are also really cute and they look like they won’t take up to much space.

  • Megan

    Ooo I love these colors! I always love finding quality budget friendly makeup!

  • mail4rosey

    That’s a great palette. I like that there are so many color choices.

  • The Earth Below Girls

    full of pigment swagger – lol love it !!! I have both Naked palettes but i just dropped my naked one and i cant bring myself to purchase it again 🙁 I’ll have to check these out !!

  • Nellwyn

    These sound like a great dupe! When a drugstore product has good pigmentation and blends well I’m sold!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    It has always been my experience that the lower priced items can be the same or very close to the same thing as the higher priced items. This does mostly apply to makes ups and clothing. Thanks for sharing your opinion and the products.

  • Thảo Nhi

    OMG I love the colors of the Smokin’ palette!~~ Don’t really like making up but if I ever need to shade my eyes I’ll surely choose this! Thanks a lot for your recommendation!
    And not really related but your writing style is awesome haha 🙂

  • Blair Villanueva

    Same feeling that I have when i discovered an awesome deal, and even immediately posting it online so that my readers could have it too! Hahaha fun as ever.

  • Looking at the photos makes me excited and wanna try these lovely eye shadows. I just love the colors.

  • What a deal! I have never tried them before, but I like the colors. So lovely.

  • Shannon Graham

    I actually had no idea there was an alternative option! Saving that much? Heck yes it would make me excited!!

  • Jenn Goggin

    These colors are all so pretty. I also really like the cases they come in! Never heard of the brand but will have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing

  • They look fantastic! I love buying high end products but only once or twice every year so these dupes are a great alternative. I will definitely check out for them.