Mowgli Liverpool – a million miles from the curry stereotype

I’ll be honest. When hubby first suggested we’d hit up the place on Bold Street that serves Indian street food, the first thing I thought about were of chicken tikka masala and the likes. In my defence, I’d never thought about what Indian street food was like, but hubby seemed to be in the know so I trusted his skills to sniff out the best places to indulge our inner foodie.



I’ll just start by apologising to anyone in any way involved in Mowgli and the food they serve there for even thinking about them and a tikka masala in the same sentence. Your stereotypical curry this ain’t, that’s for sure. It’s something so much better – their food is like an exuberant Bollywood musical.



So here’s the deal: because the food is essentially street food, it’s served in tin dishes, as if it was to be eaten on the go. But don’t worry, you don’t have to. Sitting down is very much encouraged here. If you fancy a bit of everything, you can order 2 to 3 dishes depending how hungry you are (and you best be very hungry, we ordered 3 each and were stuffed) or you can get a sharing platter or a bunch of tiffin boxes from their set menus. It all comes to the table when it’s ready, so don’t expect it to appear in one go and be ready to indulge.



We ordered the Bhel Puri (puff rice with crisp gram threads, peanuts and a tantalising spiced sweet & sour dressing), Treacle Tamarind Fries (spiced treacle tamarind slicked fries), Gunpowder Chicken (chicken poppers, ginger, garlic, garam masala and golden fried in a chickpea batter), Mowgli Sticky Wings (Gram flour crisped wings doused in slick Manchurian spiced molasses, dark rum, cumin, garam masala, popped mustard seed and sesame), a Goan Fish Curry (Boneless market fish fillets simmered in a highly fragrant, fiery, tangy, sweet mahogany sauce. With tamarind, ginger, coriander and dried smokey Kashmiri red chilies), Elephant Atta Roti (grilled wholemeal Elephant Atta flat breads) and for good measure, two Lassis’ (Long Yoghurt Coolers, Rose & cardamom or Mango).



Even though I was pretty sure hubby would have to roll me out from the restaurant I am not in the slightest bit sorry that my eyes were bigger than my tummy. All the food is just incredible. It’s so fresh, it has just enough of a kick and I’ve never eaten flavour combinations like that. It all works on so many levels and it’s just an absolute feast for the senses.



I’d definitely recommend the Bhel Puri and the Treacle Tamarind Fries. Hell, I’d recommend everything I tried but if I’d have to choose two of my favourites, it would definitely be these two. The fries are so wrong in how sweet, sour and sticky they are and Bhel Puri is just a revelation with its spicy crunchiness and the surprising little gems of sweet lightness.


The digs themselves are pretty cool too, the décor is super cute and the staff are really nice – throw that on top of the amazing food they do and you’ve got a winning combo.


You can check out their website HERE, and see their menus HERE

And follow their social media here: twitter, facebook, Instagram, youtube

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  • That looks like the perfect place food looks delicious.

  • My must visit list is now a mile long. This looks amazing!

  • Ooooo this place looks absolutely delicious!!!! I love trying new restaurants!

  • Rosey

    I’m glad you had such good eats. I think my eyes would have been bigger than my tummy too. 🙂

  • That food looks fantastic! The interior of that place is always very flowing and looks great.

  • Tiara Wilson

    Wow. This looks absolutely delicious. I’m glad you went and gave it a try. I miss having good Indian food.

  • Street food in a restaurant! Great idea! And looks so delicious, i miss Indian food.

  • Wow, that food looks delicious!

  • Oh, what a cosy looking place with some pretty dishes! I absolutely love curry so I’d love to visit there some day 🙂 Sounds delicious!

  • It looks like a fantastic place to go to if you’re ever in the area and you’re looking for a good dining experience! It’s unique and the food looks great, wow!

  • Can I just say that the place is amazing! I really love how everything looks. It’s a great place to dine at especially if the food is just as good or better than how the place looks.

  • Elizabeth O.

    I’ve seen this once being featured in a travel/food show. Not sure if it was Anthony Bourdain. I think it’s awesome to be able to try it!

  • Interior looks amazing, this are kind of places i like to visit. Food looks delicious too xo

  • I wish the resturant was here in London because it sounds incredible. I love lassi and the treacle tamarind fries sound tasty ! x

  • This place looks so yummy and trendy! Loved the way you described it as an ‘exuberant Bollywood musical’ – that really does look like the best way to describe it!

    M x

  • Now I am hungry while watching these photos. This food looks so so delicious – I would love to try all of it. And that place looks so pretty too.
    I wish there is Indian food in my hometown. 🙂

  • That looks like a great place to eat! I do love authentic Indian food so I’ll definitely have to check this out if I’m ever in the city!

  • Oh my this food looks amazing. Love this post. Great read and great pictures.

  • Seems like totally my kind of place. I like that the service is good. As well that the food looks amazing !!

  • Wow this food looks so tasty! I’ve never heard of the place before, but would love to go. The décor looks great too.

  • What a cool looking place! And the food looks amazing, my mouth was watering just looking at the pics and reading all the details. Glad you enjoyed trying out a new place.

  • This has me drooling so bad! I love Indian food, but there are so few places near us that sell anything authentic. :'(

  • Claudia Krusch

    Oh my that food looks amazing. I would love to try this restaurant out for myself.

  • Jessica Taylor

    This looks amazing! I bet my daughter would really enjoy this place

  • Akamatra

    I need to stop reading food posts when I am hungry. Man your photos had me drooling!

  • Yum! I love places like this! I wish this were closer to us. I’d so try it out.

  • Megan

    I didn’t use to like Indian food, but now, I quite enjoy it. I love the look of this place and the tin to-go dishes.

  • My husband is not an Indian food guy, so I doubt I could get him to go for this, but it looks amazing. It looks like the restaurant has such a cool vibe too.

  • I’d like to dig in!!!!

  • Robin Rue

    Oh how I love Indian food, but it’s not easy to get GOOD indian food around here. Sounds like you guys ate well.