Message in a Bottle, Berlin


Berlin’s beer roots are deep in the ground. I mean, Germany is a beer country – and they take their beer very seriously. They even have a 500-year-old Beer Purity Law which says that only hops, barley, yeast and water can be used to make Germany’s favourite drink, of which they have over 5,500 brands of. Trust me, you won’t go thirsty in there.



And lucky for hubby and I, who at heart are shameless craft beer geeks, Germany (and especially Berlin) has started to embrace the craft beer revolution as well as enjoying their traditional brews. For a country with such an established beer tradition I can totally understand why it would have taken a little longer for the new age beer drinkers to get a foothold, but I am so glad it has. Craft beer is intended to strengthen a beer culture, not to steal attention from the traditional scene, so I for one am superbly happy to welcome the new kids on the block to Berlin.



And if craft beer in Berlin is your game – and it totally should be – there is a little gem in Berlin we only found because our hosts had happened upon it by accident before. Meet Message in a Bottle, a cosy little café in a leafy suburb. This place quadruples up as a café, lunch destination, wine bar and a craft beer paradise. Oh. They also sport a little book store filled with all kinds of works from all kinds of walks of life – so if you fancy a read with your tipple, this is your spot.



Their craft beer selection is not enormous – they have two fridges of the stuff – but  it’s quality over quantity here. Ingo Weiss, who owns this charming venture, has hand-selected a good number of them and he knows what he’s talking about. He works with a few family-run breweries in Germany and some big names just hitting the market and boy can he talk beer!



One of my favourite things in the world is talking beer with someone who isn’t dying of boredom or rolling their eyes at my (fairly well educated, even if I say so myself)ramblings. We spent a lovely afternoon just sitting and discussing beer cultures, craft beer and beer history with Ingo and that was probably one the most inspiring afternoons of our holiday in this fair city. I’d trust this guy to choose my beers anytime.



Message in a Bottle has this weird ability to make you feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of a capital city, you instantly chill out as you enter. The staff are super friendly and if you get stuck on what to order, fear not! They come armed with an ironclad knowledge of their products and recommend you the best thing for your current cravings. Our crew wanted a hop bomb, a smoky delight, a dark and treacly porter and an IPA and we were not disappointed.



This little place also puts on a mean beer tasting and more often than not you can pop in for some live music, ranging from jazz to flamenco. Spot on.



If you’re in their neck of the woods you should check them out. You can check their website HERE and their events list HERE.

  • Oh wow, there is huge amount of different beers in Germany! I am not that much of a beer drinker but I’m sure that place is every beer fan’s favorite! 🙂

    • It definitely is. Great selection – I bet it would turn you to beer too 😉

  • arv

    this is a beautiful place. you can spend hours with your near ones sitting and drinking beer. I love the ambiance of the place

    • It does have this unhurried and zen feel to it. 🙂

  • My friends just got me into craft beer a couple of years ago. I definitely love it. Although I admit I am not big on the sour beers that I have tried a few of. But the rest I have really enjoyed. Sounds like Berlin is a great place to be when looking into them.

    • That’s funny – sour beers are my absolute favourite. Hubby hates them though – just goes to show that people’s palates are so different, eh? 🙂

  • I love jazz music! I have been to Hamburg last summer. I really enjoy the German traditions and drinking beer over there 🙂

    • Same here, definitely going again!

  • People in Germany do love their beer haha! That looks like a cosy place to enjoy a glass or pint or whatever it’s called hahah 😀

    • A pint generally, but you can have a half if you fancy 😉

  • That looks such a cosy place to have a drink, I bet it’s really busy in the evenings. I can’t believe that they have a 500yr law on beer making!!

    • I know right – the Germans take their beer super serious!

  • Over 500 year law? Now that’s something…I like how passionate you sound in this article…you definitely do love your beer…can’t even doubt that…lovely pictures too

    • I definitely do. It’s my favourite thing in the world (not counting hubby, obvs) 😉

  • “if craft beer in Berlin is your game – and it totally should be ” made me giggle!!! I’m not a craft beer fan but my other half is and it’s nice to see a couple that share the passion… I’m giving it my best!

    • You’ll find the one that’s right for you! There’s so much to choose from nowadays. 🙂