I❤MCR – What we need to remember in this tragedy

I couldn’t not say anything. I have to say something. My heart broke on Tuesday morning as I turned on the news. I was swept away by shock, horror, grief and fury. I wanted to cry for Manchester but I was angry. I was full of this god-awful rage and I didn’t know what to do.


But the Mancunians did.


They didn’t get angry – they got together. They refused to be divided by this atrocity, they stood shoulder to shoulder. They all chipped in.



They offered their homes to those who didn’t have anywhere to go. #RoomforManchester was trending within hours of the attack.



They offered lifts to take people home if they were stranded. Taxi drivers have free rides to people who needed them.



A Manchester tattoo artist has launched a fundraising appeal to offer Mancunian bee tattoos for £50. All the proceeds will go to the families of the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack.



Mancunians started a crowdfunding project to support families of those killed and injured in the Manchester Arena attack, which almost smashed its reasonably high target in less than a day.



They also started a crowdfunding project for Steve, a homeless man who was near the scene of the Manchester Arena blast, and rushed to help injured people. At present it has reached 9449% of its target.


And when they did get angry, they got angry at the right people. Mancunians turned their anger on the English Defence League when the far-right group held a display in the wake of last night’s deadly bombing.


This is strength, folks. This is real courage and power.


And this is what we need to remember at the face of this tragedy. How Manchester responded to it. We should not pretend that the terror attack was not a terrible and deplorable act but it pales in the face of the response the people gave to it. They didn’t respond in hate or rage. They responded with love. The generosity of human spirit, compassion and caring for others that has been seen in Manchester in the past day or so only proves what great things people are capable of. True, a despicable act has been carried out there – but for me, the behaviour of many rather than the few is by far the most important factor. Thoughts with all those who’ve lost loved ones, and their suffering. But in the heart of darkness, the light of human decency shines bright.


Here is the poet Tony Walsh, who brought a crowd of thousands in Manchester to silence with his powerful words about the beauty of the vibrant city which survived an atrocious terror attack on Monday night. This is the beautiful spirit of Manchester.


This is the Place



Stay strong, Manchester. Stand together. My heart goes out to you.


If these events have hit really close to home, a dedicated emergency number has been established for relatives following the attack – anyone concerned about loved ones can call 0161 856 9400.


Stay safe and be good to one another.

  • Wow, this post almost put me to tears.. The unity and love of the Mancunians is so pure!
    I also remember the incident that took place at the same day, in Marawi City here in the Philippines.. Such a cruel world, but in this post I’m happy to know that such beautifully nice people are existing.

  • Such a helpful gesture from Mancunians.
    It was really sad of coming across this news of terror attack in Manchester. I’m so happy they stood together and strong. My heart goes to the families who had to go through this horrifying event of time and to the ones who lost their beloved ones.

  • It is such a terrible tragedy, deaths that could have been avoided, lives lost, families shattered. So sad!

  • It’s such a terrifying and heart breaking thing that happened but the beauty of the strength and unity in Manchester is so heartwarming. Sending love to any and all those affected

  • Mancunians are so fucking wonderful people. Nothing can & nothing won’t stop them. I was happy to see how they all got together, helped each other and showed true love one another after the attack. So. Fucking. Amazing.

    • They so fucking are 🙂 🙂

  • Wow… Just.. WOW ❤️
    My heart is filled with warmth reading this. In light of the recent events, the coming together of communities like this makes one reaffirm their faith in humanity.

  • I love this! After a tragedy people gather together to be better and help others. That’s what make us human.My heart is with the families that lost someone that day…

    xx, Melissa

  • This news was disheartening but the support from the community was massive and admirable…my thoughts and prayers go out the families affected

  • My thought goes to the families of the people killed during this terrible terrorism attack

  • I hadn’t seen how much money had been raised for Steve, but wow that is just incredible. I’ve spent the last couple of days horrified, but also in awe of how the Mancunian community has come together in such a beautiful way

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    • It’s really heartwarming. It gave me a lot of hope and restored my faith in humanity. xxx