Qick and easy lunch salad

You know those people who like to come in early and make tea or coffee in peace and to calmly turn on their computers and enter their daily tasks in this serene state of mind? The people who have those fashionable ‘bag-for-life’ style lunch bags and Tupperware boxes full of pre-cut vegetables and luscious lunches? Yeah, I hate them too.


If you’re like me, the time you have for making lunches for work in the morning is actually in negative figures. I mean, I’d love to be one of those people who get up a little early in the morning to craft some delicious creation for lunchtime consumption, but let’s face it: I am not.


I would rather sleep ten minutes longer than do anything else than the bare essentials that make me look like at least somewhat suitable for civilized society and get me to my office bang on time, not a minute before.


And I know, I know, that it’s important to take your lunch break and not rush through it (or your food) but if I have to pop to the shop on lunch to get my grub and eat it as well… I mean ain’t nobody got time for that.


So I envisaged this super quick and easy salad that is not only packed with your favourite super foods, it’s also done from scratch in about 5 minutes and it keeps you full from lunch till you get home. I tend to shop the ingredients on Monday and then store them in our office fridge for the remainder of the week and hey presto: I have a supply of fresh salad for every day of the week without having to stress about what to eat (and whether you have time to eat it)



What to get: 

Green leaves (rocket, spinach, watercress… whatever you fancy really)

Cherry tomatoes – quartered

Cucumber – diced

Green olives – sliced

Red pepper – diced

Prosciutto and salami, shredded

Couscous – prepared to instructions, as much as you fancy.


And then all you do is… well, mix it up and enjoy. The best thing is that you can mix and match the different ingredients based on your preferences and it still tastes spot on and it’s quick as anything.


Let’s talk lunches in the comments y’all ❤❤❤

  • I never thought about putting couscous on a salad but I love that stuff so yeah, I am totally trying it.

  • Tis is my kind of quick and easy lunch ready in a few. Something I do quite often for lunch or for a side at dinner.

  • I really love the color in this salad! It looks so very delicious. Im definitely a salad girl and will try most any kind at least once.

  • kay

    couscous is the bomb diggity. This looks so good!

  • This looks so tasty! This salad is just perfect for the weekend !

  • A healthy quick and easy to prepare salad will be always on my preferences list. I actually do from time to time this kind of cooking, for the same reason (lack of time). Nice photo!

  • Now that is my kind of quick and easy lunch idea! No faff, just simple awesome flavours. Love it!

  • yay I have been researching easy lunches for uni, this is so helpful! thank you!

  • Rhiannon Howard

    That looks delicious

  • Oh yum! Looks and sounds good, I have to try this one soon! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, if I won’t be in labour tonight this will be my lunch for tomorrow! Without the meat though. 😀 that looks absolutely delicious! I’ll need to pin this for later 🙂

  • I often do that kind of salad but with quinoa and minus the Prosciutto!
    looks yummy!
    xo, Margot

  • This looks like my kind of salad. Mmm Prosciutto and salami sounds delicious!

  • I am one of those people who hates making lunch because I feel like it takes too much time out of my day, even though I’ll spend hours on dinner. I would totally eat this salad, it looks divine!

  • maria criselda

    I don’t go to work but this seems like a good idea to have in the fridge to have access to healthy eating anytime of the week. I will definitely be doing this because something simple can always be repeated and that is important when you are trying to eat healthy

  • Salads are convenient and I love having them especially when the weather calls for it. I think this is a tasty recipe and I’d love to keep it!

  • Elizabeth O.

    I love salads! They’re quick to put together, they’re healthy, and they’re filling. This looks so good, I can’t wait to try the recipe!

  • This looks amazing and I love that it’s so quick and simple while still being healthy and good for you. Those are truly the best kinds of meals – at least, for me anyway.

  • This looks like a healthy and easy to make recipe. I’m always looking for an easy recipe to follow. This one is right up my alley. Totally going to try it.

  • Yeah! I’ve been making myself home salads instead of buying the kits and it’s been fun getting creative with it. This looks so good!

  • Ooh this is my kinda salad. Fresh, well seasoned and full of delicious flavour. Its so full of colour too x

  • I am not into creating fancy breakfasts early in the morning too so this sounds perfect to me:) Would be great to carry in a lunch box to work too.

  • Sondra Barker

    Yum, this looks so simple, healthy, and delicious! I agree making lunch in the morning takes a lot longer than you would like, I will have to try this salad out thank you for sharing.