My two new favourite beauty products


I hail from the Northernmost longitudes of Europe, where blistering cold winters, arctic air and brutal winds attempt to kick the residents butts pretty much all the time. I’m telling you this because I think it might help you understand my skin-troubles better if you’re in the know about it. Apart from my regular woes of oils and pores, I could out-pale any English Rose any given time and this is one of the reasons why I find it ever so hard to find a foundation to match my skin tone.



This is why I look to the land of my fathers, where I’m not alone with dilemmas like this – in fact, there’s a whole brand of makeup that is created exactly for us fair-skinned folk. And it’s my absolute favourite in the whole wide world, which is why I now intend to tell you all about it.



Inspired by Nordic women

Created with Finnish nature

Born of Arctic light


This is the intro into Lumene’s products, and I mean yeah, it could be a bit (a lot) more inclusive, but without going into it too deeply – it’s their philosophy. Rooted in the wellbeing rituals of Northern Finland, Lumene’s formulas harness the power of one of the last un-spoilt sanctuaries on earth combining pure oxygen-rich, pH skin friendly Arctic spring water, with a variety of different Arctic ingredients. Pretty cool, huh?



It’s a good sales pitch, sure. But it works. Not only are their foundations the perfect match to my pasty skin, they also feel good and most importantly, keep my excessive oils at bay.


Last time I popped over to Finland, I picked up their new Matte Control foundation and the Nordic Chic Sheer Finish loose powder because a) they were on sale and b) because I was running seriously low on my Lumene stock. And let me tell you, I have to keep stocking up at all times now.



The foundation is insanely full coverage – it gives you that sort of Instagram-filter and makes you look amazing. It doesn’t cake though, or rest over my pores making them look worse; in fact, it does completely the opposite. And oil control? Honey, my oils would eventually break through a steel wall, but it’s not a real issue with this foundation. It doesn’t separate or go patchy when the oils take over – all I have to do is a quick blot and my makeup looks as fresh as it did when I put it on in the morning. Hallelujah!


The powder is like gold dust as well – it’s light but has amazing coverage, it sets the foundation brilliantly and keeps my skin matte… but not flat. My skin has this crazy healthy hue and I love it.


If you can, get your hands on these beauties post haste. You will not regret it.



  • Sondra Barker

    Looks like a great product. I am always trying to find the perfect foundation.

  • The foundation sounds ideal! Instagram filter coverage without looking cakey? Sign me up! 🙂

  • They look so good! (love your photos here!!!) I have seen these products recently on Instagram, I would love to try them, I am sure they would be great for my skin!

  • Karoliina Kazi

    I haven’t tried Lumene makeup in so many years but I always stock up on creams etc when I visit Finland. I’ll definitely check this foundation out on my next trip, sounds amazing!

  • I love the Lumene matte foundation. I have an older version of package but I’m quite sure it’s the same you have here. Very covering and beautiful product! 🙂

    Nora /

    • Katja Knox

      Ooh, I wonder if it’s a new formula as well as new packaging, or if they’ve just jazzed up the covers?

  • Kari Haywood

    I have super dry skin…I wonder if that would still work for me? I have to layer on the moisturizer before I put on my foundation currently and then it still feels dry.

    • Katja Knox

      I date say it would work with fry skin as well – I know quite many mattifying products dry your skin but I don’t think this would. Not with a good moisturiser underneath anyway – maybe even a hydrating primer just to be sure?

  • Jasmin N

    Gosh I wish I could use Lumene’s products! Tried once & got a massive allergic reaction so apparently my skin isn’t as Finnish as I am haha.

  • Kitty Limon

    Love the review, never heard of this brand but I’m always looking for new foundations to try out so if I ever get the chance I’ll try it 🙂