5th time’s the charm: Lodge Bar’s bank holiday beer festival

The Lodge bar bank holiday beer festival has been one of my solid summer favourites for as long as it’s run. And that’s 5 years to date now. Sure, it usually suffers from one or two showers of rain but it’s always good craic and this year was definitely not an exception.





And true to form with the Lodge’s beer offerings in general, it was damn good value. £1.5 for a half, £3 for a pint, or 5 halves and the meal of the day for £13. Especially since the offerings included things like Deliverance from Abbeydale Brewery, a 9% DIPA monster and on a lighter note, Jarsa from Brew York, an orange sherbet session pale at a reasonable 3,7%. I mean seriously – £1.50 for a half of 9% beer – no wonder my head was spinning by the end of the night… in a good way, alright?! Ain’t nothing wrong with £1.50 for a half of 9% beer, no sir-ree.




Yes, it’s always cask heavy at the Lodge, but they make sure that the beers they have on are beers that you don’t normally find on tap anywhere else in Chester and boy, do they keep them in good nick. I mean, you could have the best beers in the universe on, but if you don’t keep them well, you might as well shut shop and go home.




This year there were a few changes to business as usual at the beer fest, too. Instead of strictly giving out halves, the guys at the Lodge had scored some pint-size glasses. Obvs you could have a half, but the point is you could have a pint if you wanted. It might not sound like a big deal but it’s one of my bug bears at beer festivals… nothing worse than having to constantly queue up for another drink when all you want is sit down and enjoy a beer (I know I could drink slower but there’s only so much time in a night and so many beers to try – don’t judge me). And they also had a beer fridge with cans and bottles if you were that way inclined (I was). There were little gems like the Abbeydale / Alphabet collaboration Kid Ryenamite – a 6.5% Baltic Rye Porter, Crowd of Distraction from Chapter Brewing, a sour little number at 3,8% and also the usual suspect (ever present in the beer festivals of the North – and for good reason) Love Lane Pale from Liverpool Craft Beer Co, at 4,5%.




So I think it’s safe to say that this year the Lodge thought “go big or go home – and we ain’t going home” and put on a darn good show – regardless of some rainy weather.




Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the meal of the day on Friday was a currywurst with chips and on Saturday it was a pulled pork bap.




So now I just gotta wait until next year to see what these guys get up to in their next festival. No pressure (I’m kidding, loads of pressure). It’ll most likely be a riot again.






  • Dangerously low prices for beers that sound that good! 🙂 Glad it was a fun time!!

  • This Curvy Life

    I have to start trying beer. In the US Microbreweries are being opened all over the place. Craft beer is so popular. I only drink wine, I will try some new beers. You inspired me!