Breakfast in the Big City: La Farola





La Farola Cafe & Bistro is firmly parked right at the corner of Therberton and Upper Street in Islington, that there London. Just a short walk away from the Angel tube station or the Business Design Centre. It’s on a road that has more restaurants and eateries than you care to shake a stick at, and yet it’s always bustling, always busy.


 It’s not a massive surprise this little Spanish bistro holds its own when it comes to supply and demand in an area that clearly has an overflow of offering. They use authentic Spanish food and organic ingredients, combined with fresh local produce to create a menu that reflects their love and longing for the motherland of tapas. Their dishes give a much deserved nod to the traditional but have an unashamed modern twist, and that is what sets this place apart and why it’s always buzzing.


To be honest, I happened upon it by a mere accident. I was attending an expo at the BDC and refused to be held ransom to their unappealing and overpriced stack of sandwiches, so I needed to wander down the road in search of sustenance.


I happened upon La Farola and immediately took to its cute décor and enormous windows (good for spying the outside world). They had a tiny but tempting breakfast menu so I was sold. Their staple breakfast dish is half avocado stuffed with a baked egg, crispy bacon, fried potatoes, grilled asparagus and tomato, served (or not, if you don’t fancy it) with hollandaise sauce, for a mere £6.95. Not a price to lift your nose at in the Big City.






Just be aware that if you want to change anything on the dishes (for example, you don’t want hollandaise, like yours truly) there is a discretionary 12.5% service charge which will be added to your bill. They say this will be shared amongst all staff which is nice, because everyone plays their part in getting the food to the table. And I get it, with all the gluten-free, low-carb, non-dairy diets going it can get a bit overwhelming to the staff sometimes and it’s only right that they get a little extra in their pocket for all the extra work. Just maybe not for not adding a dollop of sauce, alright?


Having said that, the breakfast was delicious and the staff were super nice and the whole experience was so pleasant I would have left them a tip anyway, so it all kind of worked out for the best.


I had the breakfast plate but I did spy on their menu for later hours as well, and they serve lunch and those tasty tapas too if the mood takes you. You don’t need to go thirsty either, they have a great selection of cocktails and wine.


Next time I happen about Islington I might pop by again. I’ll just make sure I’ll have the dishes just as they are unless I fancy leaving a tip 😉


Have you been to La Farola? Tell me all about it in the comments. 


  • Good breakfast makes me weak in the knees! I’m not a huge breakfast person in general but when I see absolutely gourmet breakfast like this, it makes me want breakfast for all meals in the day! haha

  • miri

    This bistro looks amazing! I wish I could visit is once. The food looks super yummy!

  • The food looks yummy. The lamps are awesome. Now I want to go there. I love food