It’s all about the Crafty Egg

There’s a place in Bristol that doesn’t ask silly questions about chickens and eggs and which came first, but makes many magical meals of both.



In the heart of Stokes Croft, Bristol’s “cultural quarter”, lays the Crafty Egg (see what I did there) an independent cafe with a chilled atmosphere and some pretty amazing food.



Surrounded by street art and looking out on Bristol’s iconic Carriage-works, the Crafty Egg is not only the place to check out some right characters on the walls, it’s also the place to start your day – especially if you’re somewhat worse for wear… which is what I was when I visited.



It was our second wedding anniversary and hubby and I had hit the craft beer bars in Bristol rather heavy on the night before. No regrets, like, but what I needed was something that would set me right for the coming day of exploration and most probably some more celebratory beer.



And let me tell you, nothing takes away the antics of last night like a “boozy smoothie”, which basically is a shot of rum and/or vodka in one of the health packed smoothies at this gaffe. I had one with spinach, ginger, mango, honey and lemon blended together into a delightful green goo, and hubby’s hangover cure consisted of kale, avocado, cucumber, honey, lemon and apple juice. With added rum for both, obviously.



Anyway, as the name suggests, eggs (free range, obvs) feature prominently on the menu here: be they scrambled, baked or in bagels, cakes or pancake stacks. And be warned: the portions are not meagre. I had my eggs baked with mushroom and spinach and a side of smoked salmon, whereas hubby attempted to conquer the beast with mozzarella, basil and oregano with added halloumi and you know what, if it hadn’t been so damn tasty I would have probably given up half way through. It’s proper lush and there’s plenty of it. Huzzah!



Crafty Egg gets two thumbs up from me. It’s a funky little place with really cool décor, great concept and they delivery it in an excellent fashion. I mean yeah, you will have to wait, because everyone and their cousin knows that this place is spot on and the queues can get so long they’re out the door but trust me; it’s worth it.



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  • Justine Spencer

    Love what your hubby ordered! I probably would’ve ordered the same thing. Looks like one of my other favourite breakfast meals – shakshuka – although it’s based on more middle eastern flavours 🙂

  • Corinna

    If I’m ever in Bristol, I’ll totally go there – looks like a perfectly hipster-esque place for brunch-lovers.

  • Zana Djakovic

    First of all, happy anniversary dear. And what a lovely place to celebrate your anniversary. I feel so hungry after reading this. 😀 Those eggs are delicious. 🙂

  • Oh my God, every time i read your posts i feel hungry and i want to cook any of these plates. They look so delicious! Eggs with spinach, mushrooms and halloumi is a plate we often do in Greece too.

  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    Lol at the introductory paragraph…..see how yum this looks….and the place looks decent too…good to know you enjoyed your time there

  • This Curvy Life

    This looks delicious, which is not helpful right now. Its bedtime but I am starving. I have wanted to try this type of breakfast and I will the next time I go out.

  • Jasmin N

    This sounds like an amazing place! Also, the food looks so tasty. I’ve started this ”tasting” journey from chicken (as my meat eating is what it is) & I’ve found one Atria chicken I can eat in small pieces without hugging the toilet for the next hours. (All kind of meat, beef/red/etc, chicken & fish make me throw up, don’t know what’s weong with me & doctors don’t know either & been like this my whole life). I hope I can visit this place one day 🙂

  • Tadeja Umek

    This is right up my alley – eggs are on my plate on a daily basis 🙂 And let’s not forget the lovely interiors of this place, ha? You found a great spot!

    Tadeja xx