I love Pusheen and I don’t care what you think 😍








It’s official. I have never been this happy.


I am now the proud owner of Pusheen Eau de Toilette, nail polish, lip balm and a beauty mirror. I don’t care what anyone thinks, or if I had to queue for them behind a bunch of kids about 25 years my junior. These bad boys are amazing.


In case you didn’t know, I love Pusheen. I love all the paraphilia. I love the memes. I love the comics. If there are emotions that cannot be expressed through Pusheen emojis’ I don’t want to know about them. I read the blog religiously. And, apparently, I lose my sh*t when Pusheen products are on sale in M&S.


I mean guys, I am an unicorn when I wear the Eau de Toilette. I smell off pink flowers and sweet apples and yes, I realise that even if it wasn’t all that I would probably still rant and rave about how amazing it is because you get a little Pusheen unicorn charm with the bottle. But, it is a sweet scent and I am going to wear it and I don’t care if my 2-year old niece does too.


And the hot pink nail polish? Don’t tell me it doesn’t look amazing. Even if it doesn’t.


None of the products or their ingredients have been tested on animals, which is great for cruelty-free conscious Pusheen lovers ❤ ❤ ❤


Most Pusheen beauty products are half price in M&S right now. If you don’t have enough Pusheen in your life, get yourself there immediately.


Do you love Pusheen? Of course you. Everyone does. Let’s talk Pusheen in the comments.


  • analesha

    These items are so cute!! The nail polish colour is gorgeous too x

  • analesha

    These items are so cute!! The nail polish colour is gorgeous too x

  • I love pusheen too, so cute =^.^=

  • Maikel

    These pusheen items are so cute! I totally love the nailpolish

  • Jasmin N

    Those are so pretty & adorable! There’s no shame to love them, they’re adorable haha :3

  • I saw these in M&S the other day, they are so cute! I love the Pusheen memes that you get too, they are so correct about the way cats really are.

  • These are Beautiful! the perfume looks interesting, I want to get one ♥

    – Thikrayat
    That’s Memories

  • They’re so cute, no shame in loving them lady!

  • Oh my god!!! You get these! I love Pusheen cat too! I never read their comic or anything, but I just fall into that little eyes and tail <3
    Pusheen cat is just too cute for me to take! I will check out M&S!