What I just ordered from SimplyBe

I don’t usually spit my morning coffee at my computer screen just because there’s a sale on (I just gasp really loudly) but I did this morning when I went through my emails I noticed that SimplyBe is having a clearance sale – and it’s up to 70% off. And it’s not just random off-sized, out of fashion, off-season stuff either. IT’S THE SHIZZ. Check out what I just ordered:



Gathered Sleeve Bodycon Dress – Was £45, I paid £13.50

I almost ordered this in January for a do in London but then went with something else… and I’m kinda glad I didn’t now! I can’t believe the discount on this dress! The beads, the colour, the gathered sleeves… I am in love with it all. This dress is rocking my life right now.



Shirred Sleeve Smock Dress – Was £35, I paid £10.50

Ok confession time, I already have the boots the model is wearing and they’re the bomb. But anyway, I think this dress is so, so cute and it’s so flattering I can’t even. It might be from their summer collection but this style will easily carry itself to autumn.



Rochelle Pointed Loafer Wide E Fit – Was £15, I paid £4.50

I have always, always wanted my very own pair of metallic loafers and when I saw these pink babies I was like “if I don’t get them now I will forever regret it”. They’re so cute and versatile, from the office to the night out, no heels (and/or pain) needed!



Blush 3/4 Sleeve Ruffle Top – Was £24, I paid £11

There seems to be a theme going with my purchases – but I’m OK with it. This dreamy little number looks the business. I’m thinking wearing it with a black pencil skirt to the office, and ripped black jeans or leather pants to rock it up in the evening.



Whisper Grey Bell Sleeve Shell Top – Was £24, I paid £7.20

I never thought I could pull off the bell sleeves but hey, if they’re attached to something this gorgeous then why not. I’m thinking stilettos and leather jeggings for this beauty, if I’m going out, and stripy grey trousers for the office. Yaaas.


Joanna Hope Metallic Shopper Bag – Was £38, I paid £17

Yes, I did need a new bag, why do you ask? Stop judging me, a girl can never have too many bags. It was the tassels that did it for me with this one. Oh, and it’s less than half price. So, there.


The total of my whole order? £63.70 – instead of £181. That’s a total saving of around 65% for totally bang on trend stuff that will look awesome for autumn. I’m super chuffed. So… Go check the sale out now! Pronto!

  • Louise

    Oooh I love those pumps – what a unique colour! I might have to get a pair myself as I think these would look great for a gig! x

  • Hannah

    So many nice things, never really looked on this site before, think my mum would love it!

  • Wow! Such a great haul!! 🙂 And you saved a ton. Looks like your Autumn wardrobe is sorted. 😉

  • Jasmin N

    Absolutely loving that flower printed dress! Such lovely picks here 🙂

  • Rebecca

    These are all great choices – I love the purple dress and the flowery dress. I love purple 🙂 such a bargain for all these things. well done 🙂 love Bec xx

  • Bruce Schinkel Jr.

    I love finding a good sale, and this one is awesome! That bag tho …. love it! No wonder you couldn’t resist