Some exciting news and bathroom talk







We  live in exciting times. Hubby and I have put in an offer in for a lovely little flat and that offer was accepted. That means we’re in the process of buying our first ever home together. We’re proper adulting, like.


And we’re adulting like pros, too, as the flat we’re soon to be new owners of has very recently been refurbished which means there’s very little we need to do to get everything up to standard. The only thing I know I want to get my mittens on is the bathroom. I just don’t like how they previous owner decorated it, is all.


Different strokes for different folks, obviously, but the strokes I’m looking forward to are of the paint variety. And a new bath. Probably a new basin. And all of the other, possible knick knacks a bathroom might need, like mirrors and cupboards and rugs and matching toothbrush holders (because they matter).


My only restriction is my imagination… and space. It’s not a terribly large bathroom. Which is OK, but it does limit what I can fit in. I mean there’s not enough room to swing a cat if the cat is very large, and in any case I’m totally against cat-swinging of any variety. Let’s just say there’s enough space for hubby and I to both be in the room without getting too much into each others personal space.


I’ve had a nose at some “small but beautiful” bathroom desings on google and have noticed that space is hardly the problem (you can fit anything anywhere, it appears) the problem is that I can’t decide whether to go for a colourful, purposefully mismatched, cosy look or the ethereal blues and greens and greys.


I suppose the question is, am I a little cooky and colourful and a little out of place but perfectly so, or total bad-ass style queen who can create a zen space out of thin air.


Help a girl out. How should I decorate my new bathroom? 

  • Congrats on getting it! I personally by the way like the green leafy bathroom! But with time it would look busy though!

  • Maikelsworld

    Darling these bathrooms are so inspirational! They instantly give me “redecorating-fever”

  • Congratulations!
    Hope the handover process goes perfectly and quickly for you both.
    Have you thought of doing a combination of both the chic and the colourful? Pinterest is great when it comes to decorating ideas, especially for compact places! xo

  • Jasmin N

    Congratulations on the new flat! 🙂 I can’t wait to see how you’ll be decorating it 🙂 That bathroom with black wall absolutely stole my heart, oh my goodness it looks gorgeous!

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Congrats on the new flat! I love the red bathroom above with the red bathtub and wallpaper. Very chic! Keep us updated on how the decorating goes.

  • I was just thinking about changing our bathroom!

    Thanks a lot for your inspiration, there’s so much to choose out of!

    Much love, Tina ♡

  • Congratulations …. Those are some pretty good designs

  • Yay, congrats on your new home–so exciting!! I love the photo with the subway tile, I’ve seen it all around Pinterest and it’s stunning! Best of luck in choosing your favorite ☺️

  • Congratulations on the house! Exciting for sure – I would suggest taking measurements and headings over to a bath store to ask for best solutions for small space. And then just pick a theme and go with it – I love the no 4 image style the most. I think many of the wallpaper images are for toilets rather than a proper wet space, although there are solutions for that also available 🙂

    • I think the theme picking is the hardest part but I agree, the no 4 style is really cool. I didn’t even know there was waterproof wallpaper! You learn every day 😀 xx

  • Lesleyanne

    Needs more ducks.

    • Everything in life needs more ducks ❤️❤️❤️

  • Congrats on the potential new flat! One of the fun parts of adulting for my husband and I was house hunting!

    • It’s all the fun and all the stress all rolled up into one isn’t it? Really excited about making the place our own but also super stressed about all the bits that come with the process 😀 xx