“It’s cool in Hoole”; rocking #SundayFunday at Hoole Street Festival

“It’s cool in Hoole”, declared the Chester Continentals yesterday as they took the stage at the Hoole street festival. And right they were.


Hoole Street Festival


After the fun and frolics of the street festival the Nottinghoole team threw together in May (you remember the one, where it rained cats and dogs all day and no-one cared because they were having so much fun) they said it was a one off. Then the residents and businesses alike got up on a barricade and demanded another one because, well, who doesn’t like a good old knees up on a Sunday.


Hoole Street Festival


Alright, I may be exaggerating about the barricades but the people spoke and Nottinghoole delivered. And how!




This time the weather favoured the Hooligans (unless you count the occasional freezing gale wind) and the sun was out. Both Charles and Faulkner Street were skirted with stalls full of knick knacks of all sorts, arts, fashion and vintage props and pieces. There were burgers, Caribbean cuisine, sizzling sausages, Mediterranean Mezze and local tapas and cheese. And you could flush all this down with wonderful wines or bonkers beers from Chester Beer and Wine or at the pop-up bar from Deva Brewery, if sitting in one of the pubs wasn’t your thing.




Personally I was rather content parking my backside to the seating area in front of the stage (they didn’t have one in May and this was totally a top idea) and enjoyed an afternoon of banging bands. They were all a super talented bunch (especially the youngsters from Blue Manoeuvre – I mean is it legal to be that young and talented?) but the one that stood out most were the lads from Cynic Notes. Not only do they play their own material they also rocked the living daylights out of my day. Here, have a listen and thank me later:



I think community events like this are really important. Sure, they’re fun, but at the same time they bring communities together a build community spirit, which in turn breaks down barriers between personalities, nationalities, social standings and everything in between.


Hoole Street Festival


When we come together to do something positive for our community we realise how  we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us. And that is exactly what communities are all about, folks. Unity.


“It’s cool in Hoole”, declared the Chester Continentals. Cool, indeed.


Did you pop over to Hoole Street Festival? Let me know in the comments!